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GLP has been a leading automated lighting manufacturer since 1994, and their award winning fixture range now include the impression S350 and KNV. GLP US is based in San Fernando CA, servicing North America with sales, support & free product training.

Udo Kuenzler has always had a passion as well as a fascination with lighting, so in 1994 he decided to do something about it, and founded GLP German Light Products. Headquartered in Karlsbad in Southern Germany, GLP is a leading manufacturer of cutting edge lighting technology equipment. GLP has worked hard to become an established and respected brand, and in recent years has been at the forefront of LED technology in the use of entertainment lighting. Our award winning Impression series has become a standard around the world for its versatile and packed feature set. GLP is constantly expanding its product range, covering architectural lighting solutions along with an expanding range of LED lighting solutions. GLP is committed to bringing leading edge and environmentally friendly lighting technology to designers without ever asking them to compromise in their artistic expectations.

In 2009, GLP increased its global presence by establishing its own subsidiary offices in Los Angeles, USA and a further subsidiary in Hong Kong in 2010.

Latest additions include the powerful JDC1, and white LED profile fixtures the impression S350 & E350 and compact impresion FR1. The groundbreaking  Modular KNV Arc & Cube fixtures are a versatile fixture capable of operating as a pixel mapped surface, strobe, blinder, washlight.

We pride ourselves that our technology is driven by a constant dialogue with our customers in order to ensure a level of product innovation that always exceeds expectations.

GLP US also offers a range of LED based scenic lighting products that it offers through its Scenex Lighting brand.

GLP is also the exclusive distributer of the innovative new cable management tool SNAP which is revolutionizing cable management.

Rounding out their product offering is the full range of Cosmic Truss, consisting of trussing, clamps, couplers and other accessories all finished in a high quality, TUV approved standard.

Brands: GLP German Light Products, Scenex Lighting, Cosmic Truss


  • Impression S350 & E350
    The impression S350 is a mid-size LED spot fixture that sets new standards in quality of light, and is accompanied by the impression E350, equipped and priced perfectly to fit the mid-range market where design flexibility and quality are key....

  • The impression S350 is a mid-size LED spot fixture that sets new standards in quality of light. A new, highly advanced feature set, allows the S350 to be controlled in incredibly unique ways, and backs this up with very superb CRI rating of >90 & TLCI (Qa) rating of 90, with a very flat field. Additionally a new 3-D dimming algorithm & near silent operation, means the S350 advances existing tech in multiple areas.

    The impression S350 offers an unparalleled feature set for its size. A highly efficient optical system uses a powerful 6000K white LED engine at its core, producing bright clarity in the projected beam. Additionally smooth dimming using a brand new 16 bit, 3D dimming algorithm and even field distribution along with clear image projection are all standard in the impression S350. Its output is brighter than typical 700W discharge lamp sources.

    The color capability of the impression S350 comes from a full CMY color mixing system, supported by a fixed color wheel with correction filters.  Beam control begins with a 4 blade framing system with each blade capable of closing across the entire beam, all within a rotating gate. This is supported by a full beam rotatable and repositionable animation wheel, alongside a rotating gobo wheel with 7 positions plus open and a static gobo wheel with 10 positions plus open, and a rotating prism. Also included are 2 selectable frost filters, giving the option of both light and heavy frost effects. Beam control capabilities include motorized focus and a zoom that gives a wide range of 8° to 41°.

    The impression S350 features GLP’s unique baseless design with full 16 bit pan and tilt movement. As well as full range 16 bit dimming, and electronic shutter capability. With a low weight of just 25.4kg / 56 lbs. The impression S350 also features an inbuilt battery for fixture setup, an auto sensing power supply and the option to have wireless DMX control.

    The impression S350 spot fixture is a class leader in all areas.

    Following our signature baseless design, the impression E350 features a higher color temperature of 7500 Kelvin, giving stunningly bright projections. It houses a 7:1 ratio zoom of 8.5°-42°, with a fast and responsive iris for massive mid-air flexibility. The impression E350 emits an even and flat field with a considerable light output, up to 12,200 lumens.

    A full range of color options are provided from a dichroic CMY color mixing system with separate virtual color temperature control, along with an additional 10 slot color wheel that features split colors and continuous rotation effects.

    The beam effects of the E350 start with a completely new gobo design set across two independent wheels. Firstly a 7 position rotating and indexing wheel, and supplemented with a fixed 10 position gobo wheel. Both of these are then supported by a fully controllable animation wheel that can cross completely into the beam and be rotated in both directions with orientation shifts from horizontal to vertical.

    Then we added an independent 8 facet rotating prism to take any of your projections to a whole new level.

    Finally we also included both a soft and heavy frost filter system inside for added flexibility.

    This overall combination makes the E350 perfect for any number of applications that require stunning mid-air and projected beams from a compact LED source.

    With matrix control on the LED engine for some even cooler effects, the E350 has smooth 16 bit movement, full range dimming with no color shift, adjustable pulse width modulation and much more besides. With a low weight of just 54 lbs. / 24.5 kg. The impression E350 also features an inbuilt battery for fixture setup, an auto sensing power supply and the option to have wireless DMX control. 

    The impression E350 is equipped and priced perfectly to fit into the mid-range market where design flexibility and ownership return on investment go hand in hand.

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  • impression FR1
    The GLP impression FR1 brings a powerful new level of versatility and quality with one of the most compact automated lighting packages available today....

  • The GLP impression FR1 brings a powerful new level of versatility and quality with one of the most compact automated lighting packages available today.

    Using a single, high powered 60 Watt homogenized RGBW LED at its core, the impression FR1 features color mixing across a vast spectrum, whilst at the same time can project a crisp, punchy white light, with a full range of color temperature control.

    Optical quality is at the forefront with the impression FR1 as it provides a clean, homogenized output at all angles, always giving a clean beam from center to its extreme edge. This consistency and attention to detail allows the impression FR1 to be used in a large range of applications where compromise is not an option.

    A super-fast 3.5° to 35° zoom range gives full beam control over both short and longer throw distances and because of its power, the FR1 can project over a long throw.

    With quality comes accuracy, and in this area the impression FR1 features 16 bit dimming and 16 bit position control through a range of 540° of pan and 220° of tilt. But with an added kick, the FR1 also has the ability of bi-directional continuous pan rotation at varying speeds from slow and gentle, to extremely fast giving that little something extra when needed.

    A variety of dimmer curve options, along with a full PWM range and other settings are available from the on board menu with critical functions also available to control via the DMX signal.

    The GLP trademark baseless design features on the impression FR1, and offers power in and thru connectors for ease of setting up multiple units. The base also features rubber feet for floor mounting, threaded sockets for coupler attachments and in built safety wire points.

    From lighting art to centerpieces, from exquisite costumes to close up displays, the impression FR1 offers an outstanding combination of quality, power, size and ability, and with a little kick of fun when that matters too.

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  • KNV
    The KNV system from GLP brings a whole new dynamic to entertainment lighting, groundbreaking in both design and functionality....

  • The two variants, the KNV Cube and the KNV Arc, work as independent units or combine seamlessly together. Providing a whole new level of versatility and freedom in design, all in an outdoor rated housing.

    A multi-functional fixture, the KNV system is equally happy being used as a pixel mapped surface, strobe, blinder, washlight, and more.

    The KNV Cube features a square body with a 5 by 5 design of LED pixels. Its’ design allows fixtures to be hung individually, or combined together through a fast quick-locking system. Which can create larger shapes and forms. Each of the 25 pixels contains a super bright white LED, encircled by 16 RGB LED’s. Independent control over both the white LED’s and the RGB LED’s, allows for the creation of a vast array of effects.  With both a full color pallet and added punch when you need it. With 25 pixels in a single unit, each fixture can also be pixel mapped for fluid integration with other visual elements.

    The KNV has an immense output when combining its elements, with each unit capable of producing more than 50,000 lumens. An incredible output for its small, physical size. Utilizing its power to the max, the fixture has been designed to output continuously at full output. Creating the brightest blinder and wash light effects, without ever thermalling out or reducing its output level.

    The KNV Arc houses the same 5 by 5 pixel design, but in 45 degree curved housing. This allows for the creation of curves, circles, waves, and more in both symmetrical and asymmetrical forms. The Cube and the Arc can then connect together, allowing an unlimited number of design possibilities and giving options where the lighting elements become scenery and the scenery becomes lighting.

    Both the KNV Cube and KNV Arc are IP54 rated. Ready for those outdoor summer festivals and all the rain they traditionally bring! But not only that, the IP54 rating allows the units to be used on events year round, in even the most inclement conditions and climates.

    To allow you to get the most out of the fixture, in a fast and simple manner, it comes complete with a massive in built effects system. Which has been cleverly configured to work with any format that the units are built to. Via DMX control, you have access to multiple effect layers, each with multiple control options. Creating an extremely vast array of options without the need for an additional media server.

    All KNV units feature Neutrik True1 power in and out connectors, along with Ethernet in and out for data. A full range of PWM settings ensure flicker free operation in any setting, along with the option to operate the LED’s in either 8 or 16 bit.

    The KNV from GLP; a new mighty powerhouse.

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  • F34 - DNA Truss
    Cosmic Truss has developed the completely unique twisted truss design we call DNA Truss....

  • The new DNA Truss is designed to bring truss to the forefront of scenic designs, creating a stunning contrast to the traditional box truss. The DNA Truss is currently available to match the existing F34 truss range.

    Adapter pieces can be attached which bring the DNA’s twist into a square ensuring the DNA truss can fit seamlessly into any F34 box truss designs.

    DNA Truss retains the standard tube diameter of 1.96 in (50mm) allowing them to fit together using a conical coupler and locking pin. As with all Cosmic Truss products the DNA Truss can be powder coated or have a high gloss/hand polished design.

    Cosmic Truss F34 DNA can be used for a variety of applications, such as exhibitions, corporate events, retail environments, and live productions. F34 has a lightweight design making it easy to store and transport. Arcs, circles, and corner sections will be becoming available as development continues.

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