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Welcome to the Central Academy of Drama! The CAD is the top academy of China. Our Stage Design Department had 7 majors and provided B.A, M.A. and PHD level.

Introduction of Stage Design Department

Theatre & Screen: Set Design

As one of the earliest majors in the Department of Stage Design, major Set Design mainly cultivates professional set design talents for theater, film, screen and other performing areas. And the major excels in talents cultivation, academic research and social practice. The faculty of Set Design is competitive and leading in artistic colleges in China, and has extensive influence in domestic and international stage set design field. Many graduates are very talented and take a significant portion among the successful designers in domestic stage set design and relative fields.

Major Set Design aims to cultivate specialties in theater stage set design and screen performing design, teaching, and researching.

Main courses are Introduction to Set Design, Set Design, Space Material Creation, General Knowledge of Lighting Design, General Knowledge of Stage Modeling, Screen Art Design, etc.

Theatre & Screen: Lighting Design

Major Lighting Design has a long history in CAD, and the graduates are worldwide, dedicating to teaching and designing career in domestic front line theater companies and channels.

Main courses are Introduction to Stage Lighting Modeling, Introduction to Stage Lighting Design, One-act Play Lighting Design, Full-length Play Lighting Design, Chinese Opera Lighting Design, Opera Lighting Design, Program and Screen Lighting Design, Video Making (script writing and filming editing), Lighting Design Technology, Lighting Digital Software, Graduation Creation, Graduation Thesis, etc.

This BA degree aims to cultivate students to acquire basic knowledge of lighting design, to practice the skills combining design, and to get well prepared into the lighting design field.

Theatre & Screen: Costume Design

Major Costume Design mainly cultivates professional talents for theater and screen costume design. Students of Costume Design have passed elementary tests, and have sound drawing skills, after learning four-year bachelor degree curriculums, they have acquired knowledge of costume making, designing and fundamental theories, so they can meet various requirements of contemporary theater and screen costume design after graduation.

Main courses are Introduction to Costume Skills, Chinese and Foreign Costume History, General Knowledge of Chinese Opera Costume, Plane and Dimensional Composition, Stage Costume Design, Chinese and Foreign Traditional Costume Design, Graduation Thesis Guides, etc.

Theatre & Screen: Makeup Design

Major Makeup Design mainly cultivates professional talents for theater and screen makeup design. It has high reputation and great social influence in domestic and international makeup teaching and designing fields. Many excellent graduates are cultivated in the past decades.

Major Makeup Design holds comprehensive educational system, the main courses are Introduction to Makeup Drawing Technical Skills, Makeup Drawing-Stage Makeup Technical Skills, Makeup Drawing-Screen Makeup Technical Skills, Life Simulation Makeup, Stage Makeup Design, Variety of Fashion Makeup Design, Wig Making, Basic Technical Skills of Wig Modeling, Hair Style Technical Skills, Special Effects-Sculpting Makeup, Special Effects-Injury Effect & Prosthesis, Special Effect-Theatrical Masks, etc.

Theatre & Screen: Stage Modeling Display

Theatre & Screen: Stage Modeling Display originates from Theatre & Screen: Scenic Painting, which is one of the earliest majors in the Department of Stage Design, for it enrolled first group students of Scenic Painting in 1956.

Major Scenic Painting was named for cultivating talents for painting the background stage settings in the 50s, which was in accord with teaching aims and curriculum settings then. As the development of the times, theater performance has changed greatly, the stage setting is not confined with plane drawing, it includes various artistic stage modeling skills, such as drawing, sculpting, building, machine setting, etc. In order to adapt to the development, faculty adjusted curriculum setting and teaching contents systematically these years, and clarified major aims, which is to cultivate theatre and screen talents of comprehensive artistic qualities and integrated modeling competence.

Theatre & Screen: Performance Images Design

Department of Stage Design of CAD set major Digital Arts in 2002, which focused on teaching practice of application and design research of digital techniques in the stage arts discipline. With fast development of Chinese contemporary arts and deepening international exchange, digital media arts gradually becomes a part of the mainstream in theater performance and stage arts, and its academic research is in urgent need. Therefore, Department of Stage Design of CAD changed major name Digital Arts to Performance Images Design in 2013, recruited faculty, upgraded and innovated major contents under the framework of Great Theater of CAD, and deepened application of researching digital media arts in connection with stage arts.

Theatre & Screen: Stage Technique

Stage Technique of the Department of Stage Design of CAD is the earliest and the only major in colleges and universities in China, and it is one of the characteristic majors. It mainly cultivates managing specialists of stage technique for theater & screen companies and venues, and it excels in talents cultivation, academic research and social practice. Since its enrollment of the first group of students in 1985, many excellent graduates engaged in their jobs, and many of them are in charge of stage technique department in various venues and groups, and play significant roles in their performance technique teams and fields.

Brands: The Department of Stage Design aims to train students to be professional designers for stage and screen. We had 7 directions of major.

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