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United States
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Mercury Medical...Your Need.....Our Innovation

Introducing an "ONLY ONE" industry first in Face Mask Technology for your Preemie patients! Mercury's new anatomical silicone face masks with flange are available in sizes 43mm (preemie) and 37mm (ultra preemie).  So, instead of using the smallest masks that cover the baby's eyes or having to intubate when the smallest sizes are not available. Finally, the masks you've been waiting for! Designed and developed with your needs in mind. Complementing Mercury's product line is the “ONLY ONE” Neo-Tee®, the industry’s first single-patient-use disposable infant T-Piece resuscitator and the “ONLY ONE” Neo-StatCO2®, disposable colorimetric CO2 detector available for babies below 1kg. Now Mercury's “ONLY ONE” Resusa-Tee™ disposable adult/pedi T-Piece resuscitator w/built-in manometer provides more consistent (PIP) and (PEEP) than alternative methods. 

Brands: The “ONLY ONE” Neo-Tee® is the first single-patient-use disposable infant T-Piece resuscitator. Adding the Neo-Tee complements Mercury’s product line with the “ONLY ONE” Preemie Face Mask Technology.

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