Feeldom Premium Adaptive Gear

Seoul,  Jungrang-gu 
Korea (South)
  • Booth: 545

FEELDOM - One Bag For All

Innovative - Stylish - Empowering

Greetings from South Korea! Feeldom's team of 5 people are dedicated to improving the mobility and lifestyle of people with disabilities by creating premium backpacks with the best local materials and craftsmanship.

Feeldom is the "One Bag" mobility solution you've been looking for. Our designs come from actual wheelchair users and people with disabilities who wish to see their lifestyle and needs represented in high-quality gear that is attractive, multi-functional, and built to last. Early Bird 20% Off deal at checkout!

Brands: FEELDOM - One Bag For All. Wheelchair Backpacks: MAX, STAR Adaptable Totes: CHIC, BUDDY Specialty Backpacks: TREK, X Performance Block, STAR II