M123: Drowning in Data

  • Room: Platinum 1-2
  • Session Number:M123
Monday, July 18, 2022: 4:00 PM - 4:50 PM

Justin Marsico
Chief Data Officer, Office of Data Transparency
Bureau of the Fiscal Service, Office of Data Transparency
Lynor Abetria CGFM
Staff Accountant
Department of Energy
Scott Brna MBA, CPA
Deputy Director, Office of Financial Operations
Department of Energy
Timothy Buchholz
Program Analyst
US Department of Energy


Grasp the lifeline between your agency's mission and data for better decision-making. The key is data analytics, and our panel will explain just how to establish an approach to achieve it. It’s a lifesaver for entities drowning in data.

Key Take-aways

• Government entities should establish a data vision and mission, create a map to reach them, and document its sources along the way.
• Choosing a pilot, knowing when to decide whether to focus on oversight or data analytics in the pilots, and linking goals to things already being done are critical steps in data management.

Learning Objectives

Learn how to chart a path in a large, decentralized government department adrift in an ocean of data. Navigate the data with analytics to meet mission needs and organizational functions.