T130: Cyber Update Final Chapter — The Federal Strategic Approach

  • Room: Platinum 1-2
  • Session Number:T130
Tuesday, July 19, 2022: 4:05 PM - 4:55 PM

Bill Zielinski
Chief Information Officer
City of Dallas
Cheryl Thornton-Cameron
Executive Director
Jennifer Franks
Director of Information Technology & Cybersecurity
US Government Accountability Office
Melinda Miguel PMP, CIG
Chief Inspector General
State of Florida, Executive Office of the Governor
Nnake Nweke


Join us for the last in a series of four sessions on cybersecurity — this one to outline GSA and partner agencies' Strategic Approach to protect government entities against cyberattacks.

Key Take-aways

• GSA and partner agencies are advising government agencies to take specific measures to reduce the risk of a cyberattacks that will disrupt their ability to carry out mandated services.
• GSA officials and partner agencies are advising others to take longer-term approaches to reducing and even eliminating exposure to cyberattacks.

Learning Objectives

Examine guidance GSA and partner agencies are implementing to reduce the risk of cyberattacks that hinder governmental organizations’ ability to deliver services to the public. Understand the universality of this consolidated strategic approach for use in any organizaiton.