M116: Cost Accounting Implementation at OPM

  • Room: Grand A-D
  • Session Number:M116
Monday, July 18, 2022: 2:05 PM - 3:20 PM

Alicia Allen
Cost Accounting SME
David Mader
Former Controller, OMB
Douglas Glenn
James Brameyer
Cost Accounting SME
Jonathan Emmell
Specialist Manager
Katina Cotton
Executive Officer


An agency’s ability to achieve its mission depends heavily on the managers’ capacity to make timely, fact‐based decisions. Delve into the benefits of an enterprisewide cost accounting program, and see how cost accounting data analysis can identify the actual spend on specific projects or mission objectives.

Key Take-aways

• Although daunting at first, implementing an enterprise cost accounting program delivers immense benefits that directly impact an agency’s visibilty into the spend on its mission.
• Cost accounting information systems, dashboards and analysis are effective management tools that can
o deliver transparency on the cost of operations and better information on priorities and options.
o equitably distribute direct and indirect costs among agency units with a simple cost allocation process.
o identify total cost of outputs, services and programs to measure and report on resource consumption and efficiency.
o offer cost-based analysis for strategic plans and performance reports.

Learning Objectives

Understand key principles of cost accounting, the wireframe of successful enterprise cost accounting methodology, how to identify cost drivers in allocating cost, the importance of allocating costs to determine total cost of ownership,and ways an enterprise cost accounting program can help in areas such as determining fees or chargebacks.