T119: Cybersecurity in Light of the Dark Web

  • Room: Platinum 3-4
  • Session Number:T119
Tuesday, July 19, 2022: 1:05 PM - 2:20 PM

Bill Zielinski
Chief Information Officer
City of Dallas
Dillon Boyer
Executive Director, Treasury Services, Public Sector
J.P. Morgan
Frank Clowes
Executive Director
National Security Agency


The dark web, notorious for its illicit use and virtually untraceable activity, unsurprisingly attracts people engaged in illegal activities that harm the financial sector. Gain insight into the dark web from our panel of experts and discover how active monitoring of this hidden domain delivers valuable intelligence for cybersecurity.

Key Take-aways

• Awareness of the dark web as a cybersecurity risks results in better risk management.
• This important but often ignored threat requires early identification of breaches and immediate intervention to minimize damage.

Learning Objectives

Gain basic understanding of differences between internet web services and the dark web. Gather insights into the importance of dark web monitoring to combat cyber threats and identify data breaches early on. Explore the best tools and protocols to use for dark web monitoring.