W118: CARES Act Monitoring

  • Room: Grand G-K
  • Session Number:W118
Wednesday, July 20, 2022: 2:05 PM - 2:55 PM

David Horn CGFM, CPA
Director, Office of Financial Policy & Reporting
Dept of Health and Human Services
Jim McKay
Former Deputy Comptroller
Office of Justice Programs, DOJ
Susan Miller CPA
Managing Member
Watkins Government Services LLC
Theresa Kohler
Federal Transit Administration
Tim Gribben
Dept of the Treasury, Bureau of the Fiscal Service


In a look back since March 2020, assess whether the federal government its fulfilled monitoring and oversight responsibilities in the receipt, disbursement and uses of CARES Act funding. An expert panel will discuss the monitoring used to safeguard internal controls, proper oversight, and fraud prevention.

Key Take-aways

• The $2 trillion in CARES Act funding and spending must be monitored in specific ways and encounter good internal controls,
• Various relief options were incorporated into the CARES Act.
• Resources and tools are available to assist in monitoring and oversight of the receipt, disbursement and uses of CARES Act funds, and they can be tailored to address risk.

Learning Objectives

Gain insight into and understanding of federal handling of monitoring and oversight in the receipt, disbursement and uses of CARES Act funding. Learn from various organizations about the outcomes of their monitoring, oversight and fraud prevention.