M113: What Happens Without Change Management?

  • Room: Grand G-K
  • Session Number:M113
Monday, July 18, 2022: 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM

Gwendolyn Sykes MPA, CGFM
US Secret Service
Kika Scott
Chief Financial Officer
Michael Parrish
Chief Acquisition Officer/Principal Executive Director
Dept. of VA
Scott Sadlon
Vice President
CGI Federal


We live in an era of great change in technology, process and impacts on people. Explore real-life project outcomes to understand the role change management, or lack of it, played, and gather practical lessons learned to use in managing future changes.

Key Take-aways

• To meet expectations today, change management must exceed success at the project or initiative level and improve overall agency agility.
• A number of strategic approaches to change management can be used and adapted.
• A lack of change management created numerous recent failures that might have been avoided by reducing risk and implementing an effective strategy.

Learning Objectives

The amount and pace of change from modernization initiatives, policy implementations, external influences and emerging technologies creates a feeling of constant disruption for leaders and their workforces. Gain strategies to manage change in today’s challenging environment.