T134: From Auditor to Auditee — Being on the Other Side

  • Room: Grand G-K
  • Session Number:T134
Tuesday, July 19, 2022: 4:05 PM - 4:55 PM

Douglas Glenn
Frank Petersen CGFM
Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Finance
Julia Duquette
Managing Director
Grant Thornton
Salim Mawani CGFM, CPA
Senior Project Manager
HUD - Federal Housing Administration
Thomas Chin
Senior Advisor
Office of Personnel Management


A panel of experienced accountability professionals will share lessons learned when their role switched from auditor to auditee. Join us to hear about their challenges in the transition and gain some tips and best practices to use when it’s your turn, especially for strengthening the auditor-auditee relationship.

Key Take-aways

• Successful transition from auditor to auditee is enhanced by studying lessons learned from others and best practices based on real-life experiences and observations.
• Audit teams and auditees must strengthen their professional relationship through behaviors and characteristics that lead to successful engagements for both parties.

Learning Objectives

Learn from auditors who experienced an audit from the other side of the table and collect tips for success as an auditee. Gather observations and best practices for working with auditors and strengthening auditor-auditee relationships. Understand characteristics and traits an auditor needs for success with the auditee and vice versa.