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Workiva (NYSE:WK) delivers Wdesk, an intuitive FedRAMP cloud platform that modernizes how people work within thousands of organizations worldwide. Wdesk offers controlled collaboration, data integration, granular permissions, and a full audit trail. Wdesk helps mitigate risk, improves productivity, and gives users confidence in data-driven decisions. Wdesk provides proven solutions for financial reporting, internal controls management (OMB A-123), audit management and risk management. Wdesk’s word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications are integrated and built upon a data management engine, offering synchronized data, controlled collaboration, granular permissions and a full audit trail. Wdesk enables coworkers to create, review and publish data-linked documents and reports with control, accuracy and productivity. With Wdesk data linking, changes are automatically updated in all linked instances, including numbers, text, charts and graphics throughout a customer''s spreadsheets, word-processing documents and presentation decks in the Wdesk platform.

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