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Effective solutions for the best seed at the best price.

For over 30 years, Profile Industries has designed and manufactured seed cleaning and custom shape sorting solutions that maximize the quality of seeds and the efficiency of your process. How efficient? The Rotary Spiral can pay for itself in just one year. Quite simply, numbers don’t lie. When we say our products can reduce clean-out up to 20%, offer you 50% greater quality - we back it up.  We offers a wide selection of separators, shape sorters and sterilization products designed to improve your seed and your bottom line. Simply send us a sample of your seeds and our solution engineers will determine the most efficient and cost effective way to get you the largest return, in product and profit, for your project.

Brands: The right seed cleaning and separating equipment creates good products and great profits for you and your customers. We have the experience, knowledge and equipment to get the results you need.


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Profile Ind Rotary Spiral Separator ASTA CSS 2018

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  • When is the best time to upgrade to rotary separators?

    What difference can the rotary make?

    One question we get a lot from our clients is, “What is the benefit for me if I upgrade?” The real answer is -it depends. Every business and seed sorting process is unique. Some companies prefer to hang on to solutions and technology they know and trust, others like to incorporate the latest innovations to get any advantage they can.

    If you find yourself having this discussion amongst your peers or typing this question into your favorite search engine…, here are a few things to keep in mind:

    1. The turnover of your seed treatment operators
    2. The experience level of your seed treatment operators
    3. The age of your current equipment
    4. The cost of down time
    5. The current quantity of seed treated
    6. Your company’s image and customer perception.

    Now, you might be wondering why the perception of your company to your customers figures into this calculation at all. The simple answer is this.  Upgrading your equipment is not just going to give you better results, it instantly associates your company with terms like innovation, trend setting, and shows you are investing into current and modern solutions. If this is something you’d like your customers to think about you…then upgrading may be an answer.

    Some of the other items on the list above require a bit more calculation. For instance, the quality of and experience of your staff play a major role in determining the results of your seed. If you’re finding that retaining quality seedsman is a struggle, an upgraded system can contribute to a better result and provide a more consistent product.

    The Rotary v. the Static

    Our Rotary separator has been proven to reduce labor costs and create a better product. With it in place, cleaning and separating seeds becomes more sustainable, measurable and profitable.

    The results are even greater when the Rotary is used to replace older technologies and equipment. Obviously, as equipment ages its quality can diminish, and the chances of problems or down time can arise. It has been estimated that a stop in production during peak season could cost as much as $7,500 an hour. That’s not cheap. Our rotary separators can bear the brunt of the seed cleaning system by prolonging the life of the equipment down the line.  That’s one upgrade that can protect your bottom line and save you a headache.

    The last consideration is the sheer volume of the seed you are cleaning. If you simply need to clean more seed in less time, there are only a few options available. Upgrading your equipment is going to make the biggest difference here.  But using a rotary separator in your system, the volume of seed being processed instantly increases when compared to manual systems. Simple adjustments and calibration can take hours and waste seed in a manual system. With a rotary separator in place, adjustments take minutes and quality of the separation is instantly improved.

    With systems constantly evolving and technology playing a major role in how we progress, it’s a good rule of thumb to evaluate your system every 3—5 years. Ask yourself if your current system is meeting your needs and if there were any areas that could be improved. Making investments to keep your system relevant is much better than waiting until the entire system is rebuilt.

    This is one of the best benefits of the rotary. It can work in almost any system and provide a measurable improvement. If you’re wondering what that improvement might be, check out Profiles calculator for some real numbers.

  • (Oct 16, 2018)

    Our Interactive ROI Calculator Shows You Real Results

    With so many options available, finding the most successful combination of equipment to produce the highest yield and maximum value in todays market can seem like a high stakes game of chance. 

    How do you know you’re making the most of your gravity tables & color sorters, spiral separators, seed treatments and all of the new technologies being turned out every day?

    We can help.

    There are some great innovations and products that have delivered consistent results at very cost effective price each and every time.  One such product is the Rotary Separator from Profile Industries. Profile’s rotary technology allows you to reduce waste 5-15%. Not only that, but its ability to be adjusted while in process saves a lot of time. 

    Each adjustments is easy to make and fine tuning your sorting is a snap. What used to take more than an hour of downtime and operator effort with a static spiral can be done in about thirty seconds.

    Real numbers. Real results. How much can you save? Use our new interactive ROI calculator to find out.

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  • Rotary Spiral Separator
    Profile’s rotary technology allows you to reduce waste from 5-20% <br />down to .5%, and increase operational efficiency and flexibility.<br />Reducing Operating Costs<br />Increasing Seed Value<br />Maximizing Your Current Equipment<br />Eliminating Down Time<br />...

  • In-process adjustments to fine tune your sorting are a snap, and what would have taken more than an hour of downtime and operator effort with static spirals can be done in just thirty seconds. By creating such an efficient work flow, the Rotary Spiral Separator pays for itself in months. 14 gauge galvanized steel ensures rugged durability; they are configurable from one to twenty four core units, and can grow and change in response to your operation’s needs.

    Separating damaged, broken or non-round material from the desired round-shaped material using a spiral separator is a simple, straightforward process. Round materials achieve a velocity far greater than non-rounds which carry them over the outer edge of the flights. Non-rounds and less dense material are unable to reach the edge and continue downward exiting the bottom of the separator. In the end, you are left with a clean, sorted material that increases quality and profits for your business.

    Using physics and a precisely designed piece of equipment, the material  is discharged onto a banked metal flight which is spirally wound around a  central shaft. As the material flows down the separator, its speed increases, and centrifugal force carries it toward the outer edge of the flight.

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