Booth Descriptions

Descriptions must be submitted electronically.  Emailed descriptions will not be accepted. You will receive an email with the subject line: The Aesthetic Meeting 2023 Confirmation Letter.  Your log in and password to submit your booth description, product categories and services are in this confirmation. Descriptions are due no later than March 15, 2023. With the log in and password you will have the ability to update:

  • Contact Information
  • Welcome Message (60 characters - normally just an invite to your booth)
  • Print Profile (also known as Booth Description - 300 characters describing company and products). This description will be used for the meeting app
  • Online Profile (can be the same as your Print Profile/Booth Description - 300 characters)
  • Brands (200 characters)
  • Company categories (must be relevant to your product or services)
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok URLs

The Aesthetic Society is NOT responsible for typos, incorrect spelling or any incorrect information. 

This is solely user provided.  Please be sure to review your submissions carefully.


You may make any changes to your booth description, product categories and services as often as you would like UNTIL March 15, 2023. Information not submitted by this deadline will result in your information NOT being included or updated in the Annual Meeting materials.

(Acceptance of an exhibit description does not imply The Aesthetic Society/ASERF endorsement of the product or service.)

As a reminder, we will NOT have a meeting program book.  All meeting information will be available on the meeting app.

For assistance or inquiries please contact event management.