Exhibitor Representatives, Badges, and Lunch Vouchers

Exhibitor Representative

The exhibiting company will name one person as its duly authorized representative, who is responsible for the exhibit and hereby accepts and assumes all responsibility for all representatives or alternates in attendance at its exhibit throughout all exhibit periods.

If at any time the representative for your company changes, you must contact Erika Ortiz-Ramos, erika@theaestheticsociety.org.

The Aesthetic Society will not be responsible for materials not forwarded to the appropriate representative unless we are advised via email that the representative has changed.

If you require that an additional company representative receives meeting information, it is the sole responsibility of the authorized company representative to forward all materials.

All company representatives manning the booth, must remain in the booth space at all times.  Solicitation outside of your booth or in the aisles is not allowed.

Please do not leave your booth unattended for long periods of time. 

It is The Aesthetic Society/ASERF policy that ONLY convention registrants, whether physician, guest or bona fide exhibitor, be allowed in the exhibit area.

The Aesthetic Society appreciates each and every exhibitor and has worked hard to acknowledge your commitment to our mission and supporting our members. We are looking forward to a great meeting where you will experience new and exciting activities in The Aesthetic Marketplace!

Badge Registration

You will receive an email with a link to register your booth staff. Please log in using the credentials in the body of the email. This is the same password you used to update your booth information and to submit your booth description. Deadline to submit your badges is March 31, 2023.

IMPORTANT!! When registering booth staff, it is important that THEIR individual email address is provided as the contact. You will be able to add your email as an alternate. They will receive a badge registration confirmation email and you will be copied. They will be required to have this email with the bar code in order to retrieve their badge when they arrive to the convention center. WE ARE NOT PRE PRINTING BADGES. Once they arrive to the convention center, they will go directly to the Badge Pick Up area, scan the bar code and print their badges.

Name badges are required for entrance to The Aesthetic Marketplace. This includes temporary staff, models, etc.

A total of four complimentary badges may be issued for each 10x10 booth space in order to provide adequate staffing for the booth and ensure break and lunchtime coverage. Only four exhibitor representatives may occupy each 10x10 booth space at one time. Only employees of the exhibiting companies may register as exhibitors for the meeting.

The fee for each additional PRE-ORDERED badge is $200 USD.  ALL badges ordered after the deadline of March 31, 2023 or requested on-site at the meeting will be $225 each USD, regardless of the number originally allotted or balance of badges remaining after deadline. This includes, incorrect spelling, name changes, any and all adjustments.  No exceptions.

Any representative who must register on-site must go to Exhibitor Registration. They must bring a business card with their name from the exhibiting company, a letter from the exhibiting company on company letterhead or be accompanied by the exhibiting company's primary contact representative.  No exceptions.  The fee for this badge will be $225 each USD.

Any representative who misplaces, loses, forgets, etc. their badge and requires a reprint must pay $25 per reprint. Regardless of the number originally allotted or balance of badges remaining after deadline. No exceptions. 

Lunch Vouchers

Exhibitor lunch vouchers will be provided per badge ordered. One voucher per day for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For example, if you order three badges, each of those badges will be given three lunch vouchers. These vouchers can be used over the course of the three days.  The lunch vouchers will print out with your badge and Presidential Welcome Reception Ticket.

Vouchers can be used in the concession stands inside of The Aesthetic Marketplace. Exhibitors WILL NOT receive boxed lunches. We encourage all exhibitors to have lunch with the attendees.

Each voucher will be valued at $27 USD. Refund or credit will not be provided.

Additional lunches – NOT vouchers - can be purchased at the concession stands. Miami is a CASHLESS facility. No Google Pay, No Apple Pay. The facility will only accept credit or debit cards.

For assistance or inquiries please contact event management.