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PABCO® Gypsum has been providing high performing gypsum panel products and superior customer service throughout North America for more than 45 years. We are dedicated to making one part of the construction process easier for you. Rely on our family of drywall products when you need easy installation, unmatched performance, helpful technical support, accurate on-time delivery and fast response times.

Industry leading service and support our customers swear by.
PABCO Gypsum—there’s no substitute.

Brands: FLAME CURB®, LITECORE®, SOUND CURB®, MOLD CURB® Plus, ABUSE CURB®, PABCO GLASS® Shaftliner, Sheathing and Interior, QuietRock®, QuietRock EZ SNAP®, QuietCoat®, QuietSeal® Pro, QuietPutty®


  • PABCO GLASS® Interior
    PABCO GLASS® Interior gypsum panels are ideal for commercial and residential applications where mold and moisture are a concern. Ideal for pre-rock construction as product performance will not be compromised due to extended exposure to the elements....

  • Comprised of a mold and water resistant gypsum core reinforced with glass fibers, PABCO GLASS Interior panels provide increased resistance to moisture and great structural stability than paper-faced gypsum board.


    • Pre-Rock Construction—Can be installed when the structure is not completely closed in without compromising product performance
    • Areas Where Moisture is a Concern—Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements, interiors of exterior walls


    • Mold Resistant—Scores 10, highest rating per the ASTM D3272 test
    • Fire Resistant—5/8” Type X panel
    • Dimensionally Stable—Resists warping, sagging, buckling
    • Extended Resistance to the Elements—Product performance not compromised due to extended exposure to normal weather conditions up to one year
    • Easy to Install—Installs and finishes like paper-faced gypsum panels
    • Tapered Edges—Allows for seamless finishing of interior partitions
  • QuietRock® ES
    QuietRock® is the first and most technically advanced sound reducing drywall in the industry. The product achieves high sound attenuation and fire resistance in one panel using less space, less material and less labor than conventional alternatives....

  • QuietRock® ES with its patented EZ SNAP® technology easily scores and snaps just like standard gypsum panels. There is no paper or metal in the center of the panel making it easier to score, cut and install resulting in less time and labor costs than other acoustical treatments.

    Construction professionals that use QuietRock in their projects can eliminate the need for more costly and labor intensive alternatives for sound control such as resilient channel (RC) and multi-layer assemblies. QuietRock installs and finished just like any standard gypsum panel.


    • Hospitality
    • Healthcare
    • Education
    • Single and Multi-family Residential


    • High Acoustic Performance—Rivals other common noise control methods like RC, multi-layer, mass loaded vinyl and others
    • Easy Installation—scores, cuts and installs like standard drywall
    • Saves Space—achieves high STC results without sacrificing valuable floor space
    • Low Cost—sound attenuation at a lower installed cost compared to other methods
    • Thoroughly Tested and Reliable—more than 100 ASTM tested assemblies and individual STC reports published
    • Proven—installed successfully in thousands of projects across the U.S. and Canada


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