Panel Rey  

Spring,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 306, 1040

High-performance products for interior and exterior jobs.

Manufactures and commercializes a diverse line of products to offer a complete lightweight construction system that uses galvanized steel as its framework.

Its products are sold in Mexico, the United States, Canada, Central, and  South America.

Brands: Light Rey®, Fire Rey X®, Fire Rey C®, Glass Rey®, SUPRA Steel Framing®, Sound Rey®, Exterior Soffit®, Exterior Rey®


Panel Rey-35 years of growth


  • Light Rey Gypsum Board®
    Lighter than a regular 1/2 board.<br />Fulfills the function of boards for walls and ceilings.<br />It can be installed as a ceiling with framing spacing up to 24" O.C.<br />Easy and quick to install as it's lightweight.<br />Allows a clean cutting and sanding....

  • The Panel Rey® Light Rey® gypsum board has a fireproof core essentiall made of gypsum, covered on both sides with 100% recycled paper.

    The paper on its sides covers the entire length of the board's tapered edges for greater strength and protection of the core.  The edges are carefully ground in a square cut.

    Light Rey® Gypsum board is offered in a variety of standard lengths and thicknesses for use in construction.  

  • Fire Rey Type X Gypsum Board®
    Fire-resistant.<br />Cover and protect interior walls (when UL classified product is required) and ceilings (when non-UL classified development is needed).<br />Recommended for applications that require fire resistance and noise reduction....

  • The Panel Rey® Fire Rey Type X Gypsum Board has a core made of gypsum, covered on both sides with 100% recycled paper.  It is reinforced with fibers that are resistant to high temperatures to enhance its fire resistance performance. 
  • Glass Rey Gypsum Board®
    With a fireproof core specially designed to prevent water absorption, covered with fiberglass on both sides to resist mold. It offers guaranteed performance against degradation, peeling, and deterioration....

    • It is moisture resistant, but it also allows good permeability.
    • Excellent performance under normal weather conditions for 12 months.
    • Mold development resistance of 10 according to standard ASTM D3273.
    • Dimensionally stable under temperature and moisture changes.
    • It resists deformation, undulation, buckling, and deflection in proper substrates. 
    • Adequate for different finishes.

  • Sound Rey®
    Panel Rey® provides the most innovative solutions and products<br />such as our new Sound Rey® acoustic panels, which offer<br />acoustical, aesthetic, and functional solutions for every type of<br />project need....

    • Reduced the reverberation and increased intelligibility to any space.
    • Reduce noise and help office personnel concentrate, reduce errors, and decrease stress.
    • Offers high acoustical percentages with outstanding performance. (NRC).
    • Create a clean, monolithic look with three different types of patterns.
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