Montreal,  QC 
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Greenhouse automation technology using cutting-edge AI

See the future of your greenhouse operations with artificial intelligence. You can automate harvest yield estimates and disease scouting and gain insights into growing conditions that cause skin cracking and blemishes in vegetables. Using your greenhouse data, we develop custom-made AI automation technology that will only work at your farm. There's no need to purchase costly equipment or make significant changes to your business operations; we provide turnkey technology solutions that never disrupt workflows in your tomato or pepper greenhouse.

Our services provide automated harvest yield forecasts twice more accurate than the time-intensive methods you use today. With automated disease scouting, you can identify greenhouse zones experiencing environmental stress that make your crops at risk for pests. Now you can intervene before an epidemic occurs using fewer pesticides and sacrificing fewer plants. Our newest service uses AI to assess your growing conditions in order to highlight factors that cause skin cracking & blemishes in tomatoes. Prevent harvest loss and optimize your growing conditions faster using our world-first agriculture technology.

Brands: AI-automated harvest yield forecasts; AI-automated disease scouting; AI-insights for skin cracking/blemishes

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