Coöperatie Hoogstraten

2320 Hoogstraten, 
  • Booth: 1245

Strawberry and bell peppers specialists from Belgium

Coöperatie Hoogstraten cv is a large player on the European fruit and vegetable market with a product turnover of 290 million Euro. Our main products are strawberries, tomatoes, peppers and specials. All of them are sold under the Hoogstraten brand and the greenhouse vegetables have the Flandria quality label. Thanks to an innovative lighting-based cultivation technique and expert knowledge most of our products are year-round available.

Coöperatie Hoogstraten cv offers healthy, safe and sustainably produced food. We strive for growth of the horticultural sector in a healthy, profitable business climate. In doing so, a specialised high-quality service, innovation, cost management and sustainability take centre stage. Innovation is coupled with a continuous concern for quality, in products as well as in service. This is indispensable to maintain a close partnership with our 220 growers. All our growers are GlobalGAP certified. In conclusion, everything revolves around quality.

Brands: Hoogstraten Strawberries, Hoogstraten Peppers, Hoogstraten Specials