Emerson Canada  

Brantford,  ON 
  • Booth: 1223

Emerson helps retailers, restaurants, grower/shippers and logistics providers optimize their cold chain to reduce costs and ensure safe, fresh produce on tables across Canada and all around the world. With industry-leading refrigeration and quality control technologies, we provide visibility and efficiency at every point within the cold chain to reduce food waste and energy consumption. 

Brands: Emerson Lumity


  • Oversight Services
    Oversight Services makes cold chain data work harder by analyzing data from inbound loads & across your fleet to provide scorecards, diagnostics, and optimization tools....

  • Oversight Services puts cold chain data to work with analytics from inbound loads and across your fleet to provide facility, supplier and carrier scorecards, diagnostics, and optimization tools. We help reduce time, costs and energy consumption while improving product quality. 

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