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Mother Raw. Organic & Vegan Dressings, Dips & Condiments.

Mother Raw’s line-up of ridiculously delicious plant-based dressings, dips and condiments can help you dig into the RAWesome power of plants.

Our mission is to make eating more plants crave-able, convenient, and accessible. That's why we select the best of Mother Earth's incredible bounty including organic, non-GMO plant-based ingredients, to create our ridiculously delicious and versatile products. 

We're equally obsessed about the ingredients we use as those we don't, so you're free to just dress your veggies and enjoy.  Whether you're vegan, avoiding common allergens, looking for organic options or simply want amazing quality without compromise, we've got you covered.

 Our products are free of all artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and free from common allergens including dairy, gluten and soy. So, you get all of the flavour and goodness, with none of the crap. Go ahead, dress, dip or douse your veggies with Mother Raw products to 'Put Good on Good'.

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Meet Mother Raw Plant-Based Dressings, Condiments and Dips

 Press Releases

  • Mother Raw announces launch of dairy-free dips and quesos as cornerstone of continued

    business growth following $8.1M capital investment

    TORONTO, Sept. 22, 2021 /CNW/ - Mother Raw, the Toronto-based scrappy start-up making

    consciously crafted and plant-powered products, proudly announced today more innovation in the

    growing plant-based dips category. Consumer packaged goods industry veteran and Mother Raw

    Chief Executive Officer, Kristi Knowles, secured the capital less than a year ago and swiftly focused

    efforts on innovation, marketing and continued retail footprint expansion across North America.

    "As Mother Raw rounds the corner to our third anniversary as a dressing darling in the organic, plantbased

    foods space, it was natural to turn our focus to creating dairy-free dips and quesos that are

    creamy, crave-able, and made with familiar ingredients," said Mother Raw, CEO Kristi Knowles, who

    is also an Advisory Board Member of Plant-Based Foods of Canada. "Our super-star team has been

    extraordinarily resourceful during the pandemic, gleaning insights from consumers, searching out

    food trends and sampling hundreds of recipes to create these delicious products that have broad

    appeal, and are also vegan. We are excited to keep shaking things up here on Canadian soil, while

    continuing to build scale across the US."

    The latest product innovations from Mother Raw were initially introduced through social media at the

    end of August, with the full line-up available at There are five dips (Spinach,

    Roasted Garlic, Everything Bagel, French Onion, and Ranch) and three quesos (Original, Spicy and

    Nacho). The new dips are plant-based and come in 100 per cent recyclable jars, sure to appeal to the

    massively expanding segment of plant-based food seekers and even consumers avoiding dairy, nut,

    gluten, soy, canola and refined sugar.

    Mother Raw Business Wins Keep Coming

    Since first launching in January 2019, under the leadership of Knowles, Mother Raw has grown from

    an initial rebrand of 10 refrigerated products to 25 products, spanning four categories, including:

    dressings and marinades, dips, quesos and condiments. Timing for the added growth also

    demonstrates the company's pledge to help more consumers adopt a plant-based lifestyle. A timely

    action in-line with the recent declaration from Plant-Based Foods of Canada, and their global

    alliances, announcing a call to action for international organizations and local governments to

    integrate a shift to predominantly plant-based diets as part of the United Nations Sustainable

    Development Goals by 2030.

    In addition to the new dips, Mother Raw also recently added three wildly popular dressing choices to

    their collection: Roasted Garlic Caesar, Smoky Chipotle and Balsamic. Along the way, they have

    captured numerous industry and food awards and accolades from thousands of fans across North

    America. Most recently, the brand experienced added exposure and excitement when the awardwinning

    musician Lizzo, who is also a celebrated vegan, shared a video on her TikTok featuring Mother Raw queso drizzled on her brussels sprouts nacho recipe.

    The action is well-timed with market trends, noting total North American dips grew a healthy 15 per

    cent from 2016 to 2020 and refrigerated dips described as plant-based, vegan or dairy free, grew an

    impressive 129 per cent. The growth rate for the U.S. plant-based food market more than doubled in

    2020, as sales surged 27 per cent to $7 billion, according to the Plant Based Foods Association

    (PBFA) and The Good Food Institute (GFI), which is nearly twice the growth of overall US retail food


    The impressive brand growth of Mother Raw is rooted in their steadfast commitment to organic, non-

    GMO, plant-based ingredients, and strict avoidance of all artificial and processed flavours, colours

    and fillers. The agility of self-manufacturing in Canada, and prominent placement in the growing

    refrigerated segment, is combined with savvy marketing efforts, delicious product variety and a

    growing team of experts to round out the company's recipe for success.

    Since the $8.1M capital investment in November of 2020, Mother Raw has continued to gain new

    distribution at retailers across North America including Sobeys, Fortinos, Longo's and Sprouts, with

    more confirmed accounts in play across North America. Distribution wins go beyond bricks and

    mortar to include online retailers like Plant X, Way Too Good, Vegano, The Green Living Store, Voila

    and Juice Press. They've also forged collaborations with fast growing, dynamic brands including

    Lightlife, Beyond Meat, Sol Cuisine, Spudsy Snacks, and Saje. As part of their commitment to

    encourage more people to enjoy more plants, Mother Raw is proud to help provide accessibility

    through donations to Food Share Toronto, Black Creek Community Farm and the Toronto Vegan

    Food Bank.

    Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Mother Raw has more than doubled revenues in Canada

    growing +127 per cent, adding seven major Canadian Retailers and numerous independents

    accounting for over 750 new stores across Canada, "The growth in Canada has been very promising

    and as business uptake resumes in the US we are continuing the rapid momentum we built there

    before the start of the pandemic. There is a lot of exciting news on the horizon," added Knowles.

    Mother Raw dressings and dips can be found in the refrigerated aisle at major retailers and several

    speciality and independent retailers across Canada, including Metro, Save-on Foods, Sobeys,

    Longo's, Fortinos, and Walmart. In the US, Mother Raw is at Fresh Thyme, Natural Grocers, Pavilions

    and Sprouts with more listings in the works. Mother Raw products are cold shipped anywhere in

    North America and can be found on-line at

    About Mother Raw

    Mother Raw is a Toronto-based food start up on a mission to encourage everyone, everywhere to eat

    more plants. Made by nature, not in a lab, Mother Raw offers an impressive variety of 25 delicious,

    refrigerated dressings, marinades, dips, condiments and quesos to help make eating more plants

    more tasty, convenient, and versatile. Always Organic, non-GMO and plant-based, Mother Raw

    products are sold in 100 per cent recyclable glass containers, Mother Raw products are proudly free

    of the top common allergens such as dairy, nuts, gluten, and soy.

    For more information, please visit or @MotherRaw on social.

    MEDIA CONTACT: Jacki Nelson Shilletto –, 416 524-3502


  • Mother Raw Plant-Based Dips & Quesos
    Introducing our latest Plant-Based Dips & Quesos. Consciously crafted with only the purest and best ingredients from Mother Earth, our dips and queso's are made with mouth-watering combinations of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, veggies, and spices....

  • Meet our line-up of Dips & Quesos

    Dips - Organic & Plant-Based

    Everything Bagel Dip
    Everything bagel
    , but 
    in dip format. Need we say more? This organic, dairy-free dip is sure to be a hit on any snack board. Full of delicious everything bagel seasonings like sesame and poppy seeds, garlic, and onion, this dip is drool-worthy. Try slathering it on toast or even be bold enough to top your everything bagel with everything bagel dip. Go ahead, dip and dunk to your heart’s content!

    Roasted Garlic Dip
    This one’s for the garlic lovers! 
    This dairy-free, organic dip is full of warm notes of roasted garlic and creamy goodness. Not to mention, this dip is as versatile as it is scrumptious! Pair it with chips or slather it on some crackers topped with sliced tomatoes and a drizzle of balsamic glaze! Any way you use it, this dip will have your tastebuds dancing! 

    Spinach Dip
    This organic dip has
     all the flavour and creaminess of your favourite spinach dip with none of the dairy! Picture creamy goodness and hints of spinach all combined into one glorious jar. Throw this dip in the middle of a loaf of pumpernickel, serve warm or chilled, and enjoy to your heart's content!  

    French Onion Dip
    Our organic, plant-based French Onion dip is packed with layers of delicious flavour. We generously season it with minced onion, grey sea salt and low-glycemic coconut sugar - and you can thank virgin olive oil for its creaminess. Don’t worry about anything artificial here! Go ahead! Put Good on GoodTM

    Ranch Dip
    Loaded with minced garlic, dill and cracked black pepper, t
    his vegan ranch dip is completely organic, free of anything artificial and unbelievably creamy. With the goodness of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, our Ranch dip gives your veggies the respect they deserve. Go ahead! Put Good on GoodTM.

    Quesos - Plant Based 

    Nacho Queso
    Dairy free, nut free and worry free. This Nacho queso will take your tastebuds on vacation. Filled with hints of jalapeno, red bell pepper and cumin, this creamy queso checks all of our boxes. If you are looking for a celebration in a jar, this is it! Try it on nachos, wraps, French fries, or as a dip for any smorgasbord! 

    Spicy Queso
    This Spicy Queso packs
     a punch and our newest recipe is creamier and tastier than ever. The Queen of Pop Lizzo has even included it in her recipe for vegan brussels nachos. This dairy and nut free queso packs some serious punch and pairs all the delicious cheezy flavors of queso with a smoky kick of heat! Notes of habanero pepper brings out delicious flavour and just the right amount of heat!

    Original Queso
    Creamy and cheezy queso with none of the dairy or nuts! Our Original Queso is filled with all the flavors of a fiesta and is sure to delight. Our unique recipe incorporates bold flavors like cayenne and cumin to make each bite more crave-worthy than the next. Try it warmed up drizzled over tortilla chips or just dip right from the jar. Go ahead! Put Good on GoodTM. 

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