IntelliCulture Inc.

Fergus,  ON 
  • Booth: 223

IntelliCulture Equipment Management Software

IntelliCulture provides an equipment management software for farms. We install our plug and play GPS device into farm machinery to then provide insights into spray coverage, equipment health and labor management.

ShopView is our machine management view, which alerts of machine issues and automates maintenance planning, minimizing & preventing downtime in the fleet. CropView is to keep track of jobs on the farm & digitizes task planning and warns of overdue or inefficient work, ensuring optimized use of labor and proper spray coverage. Finally, CabView is our mobile app that operates use to prevent pest & mildew outbreaks on the vineyard through real-time spray visualization.

Through these three domains, we digitize and automate the management process for farms in a simple, elegant fashion.

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