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Find your sustainable solution with Kwik Lok

Eco-Lok is one piece of an industry-wide opportunity for responsible environmental stewardship. The sustainability your customers expect meets with the Kwik Lok performance that has set the standard in the bag closure industry for decades.

The proprietary technology from BioLogiQ used to make Eco-Lok converts plant-based carbohydrates, such as corn and potatoes, into the NuPlastiQ® material that is manufactured into Eco-Lok bag closures. Using a 100% natural, renewably sourced plant-based resin that requires less fuel to manufacture, NuPlastiQ® helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and overall material use.

Fibre-Lok is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bag closures for the European, Australian, and Canadian bakery industries. Composed entirely of natural cellulose fibre, it provides the same reliability as the traditional Kwik Lok while reducing plastic.

Both Eco-Lok and Fibre-Lok are interchangeable with our previous closures and compatible with your existing Kwik Lok machinery.

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