NatureFresh Farms Inc.  

Leamington,  ON 
  • Booth: 315

At Nature Fresh Farms we find joy in innovation and see beauty in ingenuity. We believe we can be smarter about how we grow and our role in creating healthier communities by doing things differently. Based in Leamington, Ontario with facilities in Delta, Ohio, Laredo, Texas, and Mexico, we continue to expand our global network of quality growers and logistics partners, allowing us to provide the plumpest, crunchiest, freshest vegetables that taste better because they’re grown better. At Nature Fresh Farms we are growing for a kinder future.

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  • Nature Fresh Farms Strawberries
    Picked at their freshest peak for their fragrance and flavor, Nature Fresh Farms Greenhouse grown Strawberries are incredibly sweet and noticeably juicy. We combine technology and a hands-on approach to sustainably grow the highest quality berries....


    We make a difference by growing things differently.

  • Nature Fresh Farms New Branding
    How do you showcase the freshest, most flavourful produce and amplify Greenhouse grown?...

  • Nature Fresh Farms Is Growing For a Kinder Future

    At Nature Fresh Farms we continue to develop our technology and practices to grow better food that’s kinder to our environment. Our culture, people, products, innovation, and story are what set us apart, with our new branding reflecting our purpose; delivering produce that is planted, grown, and harvested with sustainability in mind.

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