Aurora Green Food SAS

Bogota,  Cundinamarca 
  • Booth: 823

AURORA GREEN FOOD Fresh and healthy food.

Our aim is to have families eating selected fruits with the highest quality standards, but, above all, we seek that they have access to the products from our soil, grown by our farmers with immense love. At Aurora Green Food, we directly support farmers with benefits that ensure fair prices for their products. We consider them as part of our family and make sure that they keep on making progress through honest, trustworthy commercial agreements.

We guide our efforts by working hand in hand with Colombian producer associations, who are an essential part of our processes.

We mostly work with associations of small farming families in Valle del Cauca, Santander, Cundinamarca, and Antioquia departments.

Our portfolio includes fresh fruit, exotic fresh fruits,  Individual Quick Freezing fruit, Ultra High Temperature fruit,  dried fruit and powder fruit. Free from artificial flavors, colors, added sugar. 100% real fruit. 

Brands: We commercialize our products under the Aurora brand. Our portfolio includes fresh fruit, IQF fruit, UHT fruit, dried fruit and powder. Free from artificial flavors, colors, added sugar.

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