P.L. Light Systems  

Beamsville,  ON 
  • Booth: 2613

Horticultural Lighting Manufacturer (LED & HID)

Founded in 1981, P.L. Light Systems is one of North America's leading manufacturers of horticultural lighting systems. The independently owned & operated Canadian company is based in Beamsville, Ontario.

Throughout our 40 years of business, we have remained true to our core expertise of designing and producing lighting products specific to the horticultural industry. We offer products across all lighting technologiesproviding growers with options and flexibility, as well as comfort in knowing we give unbiased opinions on each technology. We will sell them only what makes the most sense for their application and long-term goals.

We remain committed to delivering a reliable supply of quality products—along with local service and support. We believe our more personal approach offers customers a different experience to that of working with a large corporate organization, and is one of the reasons why we’ve remained successful over the years. 


  • ParFX™ TriPlane™
    The TriPlane sets a new standard for LED horticultural lighting as a true 1-for-1 1000W HID replacement. The LED modules can be adjusted independently in precise increments—allowing for highly customized light distribution, for any application....

  • As the first luminaire in the ParFX product family, the TriPlane sets a new standard for LED horticultural lighting as a true 1-for-1 replacement of the 1000W HID luminaire. 

    • Designed for maximum flexibility, the TriPlane’s LED modules can be adjusted independently in precise increments in either direction—allowing for highly customized light distribution, depending on the application.
    • With a light output of 2100 μmol/s and an efficacy of 3.2 μmol/J, the TriPlane delivers the ideal combination of performance and efficiency. 
    • A simple plug-and-play platform, daisy-chaining, intuitive mounting and a wide voltage range, allows for quick-and-easy replacement of traditional light sources in hybrid or standalone LED applications.
    • Available in two spectral options—optimized for supplementary and sole-source applications.
    • The TriPlane is thermally and mechanically engineered for optimal thermal management—maximizing the lifetime of the luminaire, reducing heat stress on the plants and lowering HVAC loads.
    • Proudly made in Canada

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