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Calgary,  AB 
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Thomas Fresh® Grown in Trust Potato Onion & Ethnic Produce

Thomas Fresh est reconnaissant des partenariats au Canada, au Mexique, en Chine et aux États-Unis. We deliver customer benefits through Automated packing, Bulk repacking and Cross-dock services,
We specialize in fresh potatoes, onions, local crops and importing fresh ethnic produce.

Committed to enviro-packaging stewardship, your fruits and vegetables will be repacked in either 100% compostable packaging, recyclable packaging or enviro-friendly packaging. Contact your Thomas Fresh representative for information on Private label, pack sizes, quantities and more!

Your invaluable support has helped us grow together with logistics partner MVS transport playing a significant role in helping us ensure supply chain agility. Nous sommes reconnaissants que vous ayez confiance que nous sommes les bonnes personnes, avec les bonnes relations pour votre entreprise. Merci!

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