Catania Worldwide

Mississauga,  ON 
  • Booth: 1609

Catania Worldwide is a vertically integrated produce-house with an innovative global platform. Founded in 1929, in Toronto, Canada, Catania prides itself on delivering immersive, and high quality produce experiences throughout its 6 growing and distributing facilities across North America. Fully equipped for sales and distribution, we have also our own devoted growers. This allows us to have control throughout the supply chain and maintain high quality standards for all our items and services. Our unique vertically integrated program gives us complete control, from growing, sales, to distribution, to table. Our ability to deliver high quality fruit, year-round, create and provide customized packaging, while continually meeting the delivery requirements of our customers. We specialize in the growing and distribution of Mexican limes, Mexican and California fresh figs, California kiwi, California persimmons, Mexican cactus pears, California Pomegrants & organic California Kiwi. We also work with a global network of growers that allows us to supply figs, kiwi, persimmons, mangoes, gauva, chestnuts & various citrus all year round. Visit us at booth1609!

Brands: Go Guava, Fresh Figs, Green Kiwi, Persimmons -happiness in every bite, Mango - It's sweet to the seed

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