ALLWays Local powered by CubicFarms  

Langley,  BC 
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ALLWays Local Produce powered by CubicFarms

ALLWays Local Produce is clean and delicious using the best innovation since vertical farming. Leafy greens, herbs, and microgreens are grown indoors using controlled environment agriculture. Using 95% less water and collecting, filtering, and recycling unused water, this unique hydroponic technology gives plants the perfect day every day. It makes better use of our natural resources and is 52x more land efficient, with one module producing the same amount as a football field.

Harvested living with the root attached, ALLWays Local Produce has zero pesticides or GMOs and has 45% more nutrients compared to plants grown outdoors and shipped long distances. There’s 80% less waste compared to traditional field farming with less handling and risk of contamination.

Available in select local grocers across Western Canada, it’s the easiest choice you’ll make to save the world today!

Brands: ALLWays Local Produce – We must grow what we eat where we live. CubicFarm Systems – A leader in local chain ag-tech.


ALLWays Local Produce powered by CubicFarms Crop Motion Technology™


  • Crop Motion Technology™ by CubicFarm Systems
    ALLWays Local Produce grown using Crop Motion Technology™ in a CubicFarm provides plants with the perfect day, every day, sustainably by moving hundreds of plants through indoor growing modules....

  • CubicFarms’ Crop Motion Technology™ gives plants the perfect day, every day because they automatically move in a highly controlled environment. Hundreds of growing trays move under LED lights along a path from the back to the front of the modules, getting the right amount of light, water, and air flow to maximize their growth. The automated, hydroponic growing system uses 52X less land, 95% less water, 80% less waste, produces 45% more nutrients, uses no pesticides or herbicides, and provides predictable and consistent growing 365 days a year.

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