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Topline Farms applies state-of-the-art, greenhouse technology to deliver sustainable, 365-days, year-round produce. This 100% family owned and operated company made up of five hard-working families, joined together over 20 years ago to grow and ship our specialty produce and organic line. We've been delivering safe and delicious produce stamped with pride ever since. Lit culture with LED lighting allows us to grow all year long. To ensure ripe, delicious, freshness, we employ high wire production, robotic packing, and more importantly, 700 local employees who are like an extended family. Now in Canada, USA, and Mexico, when you work with Topline, you’re not just getting palette pleasing produce - you’re getting exceptional customer service from a team of professionals... guaranteed! 


Apeel & Westmoreland_ Plastic-Free English Cucumbers

 Press Releases

  • Since June 2022, with the help of Apeel Sciences, Westmoreland Topline Farms has been shipping greenhouse grown cucumbers without the plastic covering to retailers in the U.S. and Canada.

    Apeel and Westmoreland joined forces in 2021 and haven’t looked back, shipping commercial volumes of English cucumbers free from single-use plastics for the first time in 35 years.

    Using materials that exist in peels, seeds and pulp of all fruit and vegetables, Apeel creates a protective seal that keeps moisture in and oxygen out. This delays rot and maintains the cucumber’s color and firmness — eliminating the need for single-use plastics.

    “With us shipping out our Apeel-Protected English Cucumbers to Canadian and American retailers starting last June, consumers have a unique opportunity to bring home the refreshing flavor of English Cucumbers without the need for single-use plastic, which would end up in a landfill, or even the oceans," said Dino DiLaudo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Westmoreland-Topline.

    "Our retail partners are continually challenging us to develop more sustainable packaging for our fresh, greenhouse grown English Cucumber, Apeel Sciences has the solution that will allow consumers to move away from single-use plastic covered English Cucumbers without loss of flavor, quality, or shelf life,” said DiLaudo.

    Working closely with Bandall Canada, Westmoreland developed a 100 percent recyclable paper replacement for the triple wrapped English cucumber value pack.  This will negate the need for a second plastic over-wrap and allow the retailer to preserve their value pack items.

    “We’re excited to bring Apeel-protected English Cucumbers to more consumers through our partnership with Westmoreland-Topline," Ravi Jolly, Apeel’s vice president of new products. "With consumers looking for simple ways to shop more sustainably, removing single-use plastics in the produce department just makes sense.  Apeel’s unique plant-based protection keeps cucumbers just as fresh as plastic wrap, resulting in less food waste and less plastic pollution.”

  • Topline Farms, a leading producer of high-quality Greenhouse-grown vegetables, has once again joined forces with Apeel Sciences, pioneers of shelf-life extension technologies, to introduce an innovative new greenhouse-grown produce item. The latest addition to their successful partnership is the Apeel-Protected Mini Cucumber, a fresh and flavorful offering that will last up to three days longer than traditional mini cucumbers.

    This exciting development builds on the tremendous success of Topline Farms' previous collaboration with Apeel Sciences where they removed the plastic packaging from English Cucumbers, saving the equivalent of nearly three plastic straws per cucumber. Plastic-free cucumbers have already proven to be a game-changer for retailers, now meeting the sustainability demands of their shoppers.

    Apeel Sciences’ innovative technology creates more time for produce through an edible, plant-based coating that extends the shelf-life of fresh fruits and vegetables by keeping moisture in and oxygen out, ultimately preventing waste. This plant-based protection allows consumers more time to enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of a mini cucumber without having to worry about spoilage.

    "We are thrilled to partner once again with Apeel Sciences to bring another innovative produce item to the market," said Dino DiLaudo, VP of Sales at Topline Farms. "Their cutting-edge technology is making a real difference in extending the life of fresh produce, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting innovation."

    “Giving more time to fresh produce unlocks new opportunities for the entire industry, including new packaging and merchandising techniques that can enhance consumer experience and demand,” said Lou Perez, SVP of Innovation at Apeel Sciences. “We are already seeing this play out with plastic-free English cucumbers, and are excited to see innovative leaders like Topline eager to introduce new technologies to create a more sustainable food system.”

    To learn more about longer-lasting greenhouse-grown mini cucumbers, visit ToplineFarms.com/cucumbers or Apeel.com/plastic-free-cucumbers.

    Contact: Joseph Talbourdet, Director of Marketing Topline Farms +1 519-400-3937 Joseph.Talbourdet@Toplinefarms.com

    About Topline Farms

    Topline Farms is a leading Greenhouse Grower of high-quality vegetables, committed to providing consumers with fresh, nutritious produce that is both delicious and sustainable. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Topline Farms is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world.

    About Apeel

    Apeel is on a mission to create a more sustainable global food system by working with nature to use the power of materials and data sciences. Apeel's plant-based protection allows for longer-lasting produce by using materials already found in the skins, peels, and seeds of all fruits and vegetables. This protective extra "peel" slows the water loss and oxidation that causes produce to spoil, and it's the only proven solution for maintaining freshness from farm to kitchen. Apeel's plant-based protection is available for an ever-growing number of categories and markets, including organic and conventionally grown produce. Additionally, Apeel is integrating new tools that will allow the food system to do more with the extra time created by Apeel's plant-based protection. Farmers can sell more of what they grow, retailers can sell more of what they source, and people can enjoy more of what they buy, creating a healthier planet and greater abundance for all. Apeel is Food Gone Good.

    Apeel is a trademark/registered trademark of Apeel Technology, Inc. in the United States, the European Union, and other jurisdictions. To learn more, visit apeel.com.


  • Apeel Protected English Cucumbers
    Topline English Cucumbers without single-use plastic...

  • Goodbye plastic, hello freshness!  English Cucumbers protected by Apeel stay fresh by delaying the onset of rot and maintaining a cucumber's firmness and color.  Apeel uses materials that exist in the peels, seeds and pulp of all fruits and vegetables to create a protective extra peel that seals moisture in and keeps oxygen out.

    Simply put, Apeel's protection eliminates the need for single-use plastic packaging.

    For retailers this means:

    - Maintaining the quality of their products without the use of single-use plastic

    - Differentiating and driving loyalty among value-minded shoppers

    For consumers:

    - Enjoying premium freshness and quality they expect from Topline English Cucumbers

    - Another chance to reduce their use of single-use plastics 

  • Beyond Sweet™ Grape Tomatoes
    Our premium grape tomatoes now with plastic or paper topseal....

  • Introducing Beyond Sweet!

    A perfect harmony of sugar and acidity that lights up tastebuds with every pop, Beyond Sweet is the premium grape tomato that everyone can enjoy.

    An impeccable snack and salad topping, they're perfect for any occasion!

  • Blossoms™ Cherry Tomatoes
    Our premium cherry tomatoes now with plastic or paper topseal...

  • Introducing Blossoms!

    A round tomato with candy-like sweetness, the flavour blooms when you take a bite!

    Topline Blossoms are a cherry toamto like no other.  A perfect addition to lunches, picnics or after-school snacks.  An all-purpose tomato - use them fresh in salads, grilled on skewers or part of your favourite sauce!

  • Top Mix™ Medley Tomatoes
    Our premium medley tomatoes now with plastic or paper topseal...

  • Introducing Top Mix!

    A mix of shapes, sizes and varieties to create the ultimate tasting experience, Top Mix is a premium blend of flavours.

    Featuring an array of tomatoes suitable for a variety of occasions, this versatile medley tastes great in salads or as a one-bite snack!

  • Apeel Mini Cucumbers
    Mini cucumbers that are treated with Apeel's Edipeel solution are a great way to them crisp and fresh for longer!...

  • Mini cucumbers are a great snack, and when they're treated with Apeel they become even better! Our mini cucumbers are treated with Apeel to help keep them crisp and fresh for longer. Try them in your favorite salads, sandwiches, or even as a snack on their own!

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