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Bernell … Serving the ophthalmic community since 1954!

At Bernell, we serve the ophthalmic community by offering unique and necessary solutions to assist you in treating your patients so that they may achieve their maximum visual potential.  We offer over 2,000 ophthalmic products to serve the primary care and vision testing needs of our customers, as well as the largest selection of vision therapy, visual rehabilitation and vision enhancement products in the world!

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Saccadic Sticks
The Phoropter Shield
Life Preserver Cards

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 Press Releases

  • A breath shield option for the phoropter is now available from the Bernell Corporation. The Phoropter
    Shield™ is a lightweight, easy to sanitize tool that quickly slips on and off most manual phoropters for
    added protection between doctor and patient.

    The Phoropter Shield’s patent-pending design features special contours that cover the gap between the
    two sides of the phoropter without covering the oculars or interfering with the use of cylinder knobs, JCC
    units, or Risley units.

    The shield is made of a polycarbonate composition can be cleaned with most disinfectants, as well as
    warm soap and water, to sanitize between patients.


  • Bernell Stereo Test Book - Near and Far Tests
    Item #: BC1025 Stereo tranaglyph™ test booklet. Designed to offer a simple, yet effective option for screening stereoscopic vision deficits in patients of all ages.


  • This economical screening solution helps to detect binocular vision issues such as poor stereopsis, amblyopia, suppression and strabismus. The test booklet combines three standard variations of stereo screening books into one convenient package! This includes: near stereo acuity for both gross stereopsis and fine depth perception, distance stereo acuity for gross stereopsis, and random dot gross stereopsis and fine depth perception. As an added bonus, the cover is comprised of stereo images of shapes and figures positioned at various distances, which can be used as a quick binocular screening tool.

    The book is printed using specialty transparent red and green inks, which provide exceptional cancellation when viewing the images using our Bernell Red/Green Filters, which are included with the kit. The booklet also includes a printed answer key in the back of the book.

  • The Richman Face Dot Test™
    Item #: JRFDP, Richman Face Dot Test (RFDT™) visual acuity test...

  • Tests for visual acuity in difficult-to-test pre-verbal or nonverbal infants and children with low cognitive or developmental functioning levels. The face is an easily recognized target and provides a strong attention stimulus for low functioning patients. The test employs the use of contrast sensitivity in a forced choice testing procedure. The results may be converted into an approximate visual acuity based on the testing distance. The set includes three paddles that can be used at different test distances to approximate visual acuity. Distance chart is on back of test paddle. Instructions for the different testing methods are also included.
  • Bernell FBAT™
    Item #: BCFBAT1, Bernell Functional Binocular Assessment Test Booklet (FBAT™)...

  • The Bernell Functional Binocular Assessment Test booklet, or Bernell FBAT™, is designed as a convenient and portable, anaglyph tool for assessing various aspects of binocularity with many different clinic populations. It can be an effective tool for working with older infants, toddlers, and non-verbal patients who will often grab in the air for the stereoscopic figures appearing in front of the page, demonstrating both stereopsis and localization. Targets present a range of binocular challenges from basic simultaneous perception to more sophisticated stereopsis, Varying target sizes, different fusion locks, and reference targets allow the examiner to probe and categorize binocular aspects of strabismic performance. Design of the test plates was developed in cooperation with Dr. Gregory Kitchener and Dr. Paul Harris based on their clinical experiences working with a broad variety of patient populations.

    The test booklets are conveniently printed so that the descriptions, instructions, expected responses, and suggestions face the examiner while the patient is viewing the corresponding test plate. This easy, yet informative, test booklet is a great addition to every practice especially when seeing children, non-verbal patients, or those with strabismus and amblyopia.

    The product includes 12 test plates in booklet form with instructions, two pairs of Red/Green Glasses (Adult and Child versions), and two red pointers.
  • Bernell Evaluation of Stereopsis Test
    Item #: BESTD1, BEST - Dinosaur Version Glasses-Free Depth Perception Test....

  • The new glasses-free depth perception test utilizes lenticular technology in order to create a colorful and less expensive depth perception test without the need for red/green or polarized glasses. This technology also allows for color images to improve interest and images that will resist fading over time. It also has several challenges; the key one being apparent motion. If the test were set up like the traditional polarized version, the answer could have been obtained by even a monocular patient by moving the test from side to side to see which image moves; similar to the apparent motion seen in the polarized type tests by closing one eye at a time. In order to prevent such a hint, this test was designed differently. One image in each row appears to be closer and one appears farther compared to the circle in which they are housed. If the test is moved or twisted from side to side (which they are instructed not to do) one can tell which ones are different, but not whether they come out or go in.

    The test has two test plates:
    Plate #1 features a Dinosaur character which tests gross stereopsis.

    Plate #2 features clip-art characters that are divided into two separate tests. Test 1(Rows 1 - 4) tests fine depth perception with range of targets progressing from 400 seconds of arc down to 40 seconds of arc. Test 2 (Rows A - C) test a row at 400 (Row A), 200 (Row B), and 80 (Row C) seconds of arc targets.
  • Senaptec Strobe Training Goggles
    Item #: SSTROBE1 Senaptec Strobe Training Goggles...

  • Designed to train the connections between an individual's eyes, brain, and body. Using liquid crystal technology, the lenses flicker between clear and opaque, removing visual information and forcing the individual to process more efficiently. The Senaptec Strobe can be integrated into existing sports training drills and exercises, or to vision therapy protocols as an uploading technique.

    As an athlete, the strobes take your training to another level. The curved liquid crystal lenses provides a full 180 degree field of view allowing users to enhance their visuals skills in the training room, or on the field of play! Improve balance, anticipation, and reaction to gain the competitive edge! These are a must own training aid for any therapy room or athletic training center!

    Senaptec Strobe Control App is now available through Google Play and iTunes.

    If you own the strobes, you can now utilize the built-in Bluetooth technology to control your strobes! In addition to the preset programs, you can now create custom lens flickering settings including alternating lens flicker for amblyopia therapy!

  • Pocket CFF Tester™
    Item #: CSCFF, critical flicker fusion testing device. A compact, hand-held device for determining the CFF values of a patient's vision.

  • Critical flicker fusion frequency is the point at which a light is flickering so fast that the visual system perceives it as a solid or non-flickering light. In certain neurological conditions, the CFF of a patient will change. The measurements may be taken on the right eye, left eye or both eyes.

    The CFF unit will give you three values:
    1) The point where the solid light first starts to flicker is referred to as non-seeing to seeing or NSTS.
    2) The point where you are seeing the flicker and the frequency increases till you no longer see the flicker, which is referred to as seeing to non-seeing or STNS.
    3) The average of the two values above.

    This item was mentioned in an study published in the Vision Development and Rehabilitation: COVD's Digital Journal.
    "Correlation of Magnocellular Function with Measurements of Reading in Children"

  • Saladin Card™
    Item #: BCSALCD, The Saladin Near Point Balance Card™...

  • The card can be used with technician in a workup lane or by the vision practitioner to quickly and easily assess the near point function of patients ages five years and older. It enables the measurement of nearpoint horizontal and vertical heterophoric angles, horizontal and vetical neutralization of fixation disparity, and the horizontal and vertical fixation disparity angles leading to the development of forced vergence fixation disparity curves. It aids in the measurement of the lag of accommodation, accommadative and vergence facility, and cyclophoria. It also includes a near point Bailey-Lovie visual acuity chart. It provides the physical platform for a general assessment/screening battery for near point function.

    Comes with a manual, red maddox occluder, polarized goggle.

    This is a very durable, professionally finished card. Comes with clips for use in phoropter or can be handheld.
  • Wesson Fixation Card™
    Item #: WFC, Wesson Fixation Disparity Card™...

  • Exclusive Product!

    Improved Wesson Fixation Card™ material and now has enhanced targets. Printed on rigid vinyl.

    Measurements include horizontal and vertical fixation disparity, associated phoria, and forced vergence fixation disparity curves used for fixation typing and the effects of visual therapy. In addition, accommodative lag may be measured with the high frequency and very low frequency targets.

    Kit includes fixation disparity card, New Age polarized glasses, instructions, pad of 25 sheets of the vergence graph and storage box.

    Note: Additional Vergence Graph pads can be purchased separately.
  • Developmental Eye Movement™
    Item #: DEMNV, Developmental Eye Movement™ Test (DEM™) provides an objective method of assessing fixational and saccadic activity during reading and non-reading tasks....

  • Bernell's exclusive DEM™ test. The Developmental Eye Movement Test incorporates a sub-test of number calling in a vertical array which provides the means to evaluate oculomotor function with numbers in a horizontal array. The DEM™ was developed by Dr. Jack Richman, OD and Dr. Ralph Garzia, OD.

    Manual (2nd Edition) includes instructions as well as 60+ pages of tables of standards based on age and grade level. Some case histories and clinical treatment considerations are also presented. Also included is scoring software which displays the comparisons to standardized scores as shown in the 60+ pages of tables. The software saves time and prevents errors in reading the many tables. Please note: the software is only compatible with Windows and is not supported on Mac. 
     A pad of 25 evaluation sheets also comes with the test. Additional scoring sheets may be purchased.
    New Mobile Scoring Software available through Google Play or iTunes App Store.
    If you are interested in having a DEM scoring software available on your phone or tablet, Bernell has partnered with MakeMind, a developer in Australia, to release a new scoring app for the DEM known as the DEM Calculator. This app is available for purchase through iTunes App Store or the Goggle Play Store
  • Marsden Training Ball
    Item #: MARSBL1, Soft White Marsden Ball...

  • Soft Training Ball

    Soft white ball with all letters of the alphabet on the surface. 90mm. (3.6") diameter; 90 gr. weight; made of polyurethane material.

    The ball comes attached to a 17ft, white string. This is a great addition to any therapy room!
  • Color Vision Testing Made Easy (CVTME)
    Item #: CVT1, The Waggoner Color Vision Testing Made Easy (CVTME) is the pediatric gold standard for identifying genetic (red/green) color vision deficiencies in children as young as 3....

  • Test consists of one demonstration plate and 9 test plates displaying circle, star, and/or square throughout the plates and can be completed in under 60 seconds. On most plates, children will be able to see at least one symbol even if they are color vision deficient. If they can't identify one symbol on the first few plates, they may not understand the test.

    In addition, CVTME provides a quick screening by using 4 cards that have a car, dog, boat, and house. This test can be completed in less than 30 seconds.

    CVTME is brilliantly simple to take and just plain fun for children. Considered the gold standard for pediatric assessment of color vision deficiencies in over 40 countries. Additionally, the "World" US Special Olympics Team have depended on CVTME to screen athletes over the years at their events.

    Waggoner CVTME Advantages

    • Gold standard for pediatric color vision testing.
    • Used by the World Special Olympics to test the athletes.
    • Children do not need to know numbers because the test uses children-friendly symbols; circle, star, and square.
    • Able to screen children for color vision deficiencies as young as 3 years-old.
    • Brilliantly simple to take, easy to score and just plain fun for children.
    • Score sheets provided at Waggoner Diagnostics
    • On most plates, children will be able to see at least one symbol even if they are color vision deficient. This technique helps identify malingering and whether the child understands the test or not.

    Why use Color Vision Testing Made Easy?

    • Excellent screening tools for children who don't know their numbers.
    • Identify children with color vision deficiencies so that teachers can make accommodations accordingly.

  • Computerized Color Vision Test (CCVT)
    Item #: WCCVT1, Waggoner™ Computerized Color Vision Test...

  • The Surface Pro 2017 with the Waggoner Computerized Color Vision Test preinstalled was created as an all-in-one color vision testing suite to satisfy anyone interested in testing for color vision deficiencies ranging from school nurses to the U.S. Military from optometrists to ophthalmologists. Within the WCCVT, an individual can choose several different testing methods that includes screening, diagnostic, pediatric, and adult testing. The Adult Diagnostic test provided in the WCCVT software is the cutting edge in color vision testing. It has been coined one of three "precision" color vision tests available today by the U.S. FAA. It is a military-grade color vision test that is accepted by the U.S. Navy, Army, and Coast Guard for all personnel and applicants, including pilots. The diagnostic tests are perfect for identifying both genetic and acquired color vision deficiencies and then providing the type and severity of the deficiency. Color Vision Testing Made Easy is included in the application and is the gold standard for pediatric color vision testing and is used to screen participants at the World Special Olympics to this day. Due to formalities, we have included the D-15 even though this test has been shown to have lower sensitivity and specificity than our diagnostic tests included in the WCCVT. The validation completed by the U.S. Navy has shown that calibration is not required for the Surface Pro 2017 tablet.

    Waggoner CCVT Advantages

    • The Waggoner CCVT tablet can be used in multiple lanes since it is mobile.
    • The Waggoner CCVT does not require calibration according to a study completed by the U.S. Navy.
    • The Waggoner CCVT tablet is NOT locked down and can be used for other functions within your office (Ex. EMR, other softwares, etc.)
    • The WCCVT is the most competitively priced diagnostic color vision test on the market.
    • The WCCVT was validated by a third party, the U.S. Navy.
    • The WCCVT is accepted by the U.S. Navy, Army, and Coast Guard. It has been recommended by the FAA to screen pilots.
    • More user-friendly and easier to interpret than other competitive products.
    • Has higher sensitivity than the CCT, which means its better at identifying color vision deficient individuals.
    • It is reimbursable under CPT code 92283.

    Why use the Waggoner CCVT?

    • Improved patient care. Identify diseases and toxic levels of substances using our acquired color vision test.
    • It has the shortest testing times for individuals with normal color vision.
    • The test is completely randomized and standardized to remove administrator bias, memorization of test plates, and a consistent test-taking experience every single time.
    • Waggoner is the only distributor of a color vision test that is also developed by the founders. All of the other computerized color vision tests were developed within an institution and given to 3rd parties to distribute. We are the color vision experts.
    • Reimbursable which is not any different than the other computerized color vision test but is unique to traditional testing methods.

  • Large Aperture Spot Retinoscope
    Item #: BSRETH1, Bernell Spot Retinoscope with Large Aperture...

  • The new Bernell Spot Retinoscope utilizes a large aperture to provide greater illumination that is evenly distributed. Additionally, the larger viewing hole on the back of the head allows for much easier observation of the pupil, pupil reflex, brightness and color. The new Bernell Spot Retinoscope can be used for Book (Getman), Bell, Dynamic, MEM, and Stress Point techniques.

    The new Bernell Spot Retinoscope is made in the USA and has fixation targets printed on a magnet. The magnetic targets allow for use with magnetic fixation card sets for dynamic retinoscopy (Not compatible with W18250 cards).

    Spot Retinoscope Head fits standard Welch Allyn Handles (Not Included) or the battery powered retinoscope handle available through Bernell, including: Rechargeable OPH16UH (offered in combo kit - BSRETHC). The rechargeable handle does not not include a wall plug. The Spot Retinoscope Head uses a Welch Allyn 04500-U halogen bulb (included).
  • Bernell Fixation Stick
    Item #: BCFIX, Bernell Fixation Stick with Red/Green Anti-Suppression Check...

  • Bernell Fixation Stick
    with Red/Green Antisuppression Check

    A handy instrument for working with children. Two different Red/Green suppression tests added to other colorful fixation targets of interest to children. Good test for pursuits, near point of convergence, & accommodation.
  • Trial Lens Clips
    Item #: BC3011, Trial Lens Clips (Pair)...



    Clips on patients glasses for over-refraction. Two lens cells. Metal spring clips are rubber coated. Avoid vertex distance error between phoropter and spectacles. Converts childrens spectacle frame to a childs trial frame. Comparable to Keeler and Jannelli trail lens clips. Sold in pairs. Holds standard 1-1/2" 38mm trial lenses.
  • Trial Lens Set
    Item #: CNS266, 266 Piece Trial Lens Set...

  • 266 Piece Trial Lens Set.
    Set includes two Jackson Cross Cylinders.
    Extremely durable metal case. 38mm lenses.
    0.25D steps to 6D.
    0.5 steps to 10D
    1D to 16,18 &20D.
    +/- Cyl 0.25 steps to 4D
    0.5D steps to 6D.
    2 Maddox,frosted black,green,slit,polariscope,pinhole,cross.
  • Non-Contact Slit Lamp Lens
    Item #: ION093, Ion i3D Ultra WideField - Non-Contact Slit Lamp Lenses

  • Utilize the i3D Ultra WideField to extend the field of view beyond 90D type lenses. The primary exam lens for routine retina exams on a daily basis. With the Slit Lamp microscope scan beyond typical boundaries compared to other exam lenses, plus this lens is easier to use with patient's having smaller pupils.

    Available in: Black, green, purple, blue, and greens lens rings.
  • 20D BIO Lenses
    Item #: ION002, Ion eZView 20D BIO Lenses...

  • There's a 20D in every physician' s pocket. Our improved design delivers super ior image clarity throughout the viewing field. Computer optimized lens surfaces eliminate optical aberrations. A true "20 diopter" design.

    All ion Vision lenses are composed entirely of precision instrument-grade glass for superior diagnostic and treatment performance.

    Our optimized design and exclusive enhanced broadband coating ensures maximum image integrity.

    Just one look and you'll recognize the quality advantage that our ezView BIO lenses deliver.

    Available in colors: Black, Blue, Purple, Red or Green.

  • Bernell Saccadic Sticks™
    Item #: BSTICKS, Bernell SaccadicTraining Sticks...

  • This multi-functional training tool is a great addition to any therapy room. The Bernell Saccadic Sticks were created to aid patients in training saccadic eye movements in free space. They also allow for training anti-suppression, pursuits, jumps, and much more.

    Each four-sided stick includes: (1) black and white linear targets with numbers and letters, (1) black and white linear target with characters and symbols, (1) red and green linear target with numbers and letters and (1) red and green target with characters and symbols. Additionally, each side contains targets for near point of convergence testing.

    Each 2 ft stick is made of durable, clear acrylic and comes with a comfortable rubber grip on one end and an eye hook on the other for hanging the sticks on the wall or attaching string (not included) to utilize the sticks as linear Marsden balls. Sold only as a pair.
  • Phoropter Near Point Roto Card
    Item #: PCARD, Phoropter Near Point Replacement Card...

  • Bernell's replacement card for the AO Phoropter, Includes a simple new target for phorias. Vinyl material. Card rotates to several different screens on two sides. 
  • Frosted Clip-On Occluder
    Item #: BC3009T, Frosted Clip-On Occluder (Size: 45mm) - Color: Translucent 20/400...

  • Lightweight frosted occluder securely clips on to any existing frame.
  • Bernell Life Preserver Cards
    Item #: BCLSOP, Opaque Life Preserver...

  • For fusional convergence and divergence reserve training. Instruction card included. Comes on white cardstock or transparent clear plastic.

  • Trial Lens Holder
    Item #: PTLH4D Adjustable PD Trial Lens Holder/Flipper with Axis Scale...

  • This lightweight, plastic flipper can also act as a trial lens holder, allowing you to change out trial lenses with ease. Each of the four wells holds a single 38mm trial lens, or our 38mm prism lenses. The adjustable PD along with the axis scale on each holder improves both the ease of use and accuracy. PD range is 40mm to 85mm.
  • Pediatric Accommodative Flipper Set
    Item #: PEDFLIP6, Pediatric Accommodative Flipper Set with Stand (+/- 0.50 thru 3.00 in half steps)...

  • This Pediatric Accommodative Flipper Set with acrylic stand was designed with various fun pediatric characters to engage young patients during testing/training. Each flipper contains an adjustable track to vary the PD distance as well as a thick handle for a comfortable grip. The flippers range from +/- 0.50 diopters up to +/- 3.00 diopters in half steps and fit nicely in their desktop acrylic stand. These are a great addition to any pediatric practice!
  • Retinoscopy Card Set
    Item #: BCRETCARDS, Bernell Retinoscopy Card Set...

  • The Bernell Retinoscopy card set was designed with magnetic attachments to fit the Bernell Spot Retinoscope head, allowing quick and easy card changes. The magnetic attachments will also fit most newer model streak and spot retinoscopes with magnetic plates. The set features four cards including age appropriate color pictures, black/white symbols, alphabet card with intentionally missing letters, and a Dolch Word target, all designed to aid in dynamic retinoscopy. This retinoscopy fixation card set is will make checking accomodation easy for practitioner and fun for the patient!
  • Lorgnette Occluder
    Item #: AMASK Mask Occluder...

  • Plastic is durable and easy to clean. Has full-view opening which can be covered with a multiple pinhole with a flip of a lever.
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