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Blanchard, a CooperVision Specialty EyeCare company, designs and manufactures GP lenses of the highest quality. The Onefit™ family of scleral lenses are constantly expanding! The latest addition is Onefit™ MED+ (17.0mm dia.), offering total design control. Want to learn more? Sign up for a virtual fitting workshop to be taken at your leisure:

Brands: Onefit MED+, Onefit MED, Onefit Scleral Lens Platform, Onefit Asian, Paragon CRT®, Paragon CRT Dual Axis®, Reclaim, ESSential and Rose K.


Onefit™ MED Advanced Scleral Lens
Controlled Peripheral Recess (CPR)

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  • Onefit MED+

  • Onefit MED+ is the same advanced scleral lens design as the original Onefit MED, but in a 17.0mm diameter to create a larger landing zone for precise scleral alignment, a soft landing on the conjunctiva, and a healthy environment for the eye. YOU CONTROL the design and fit to customize the ideal lens for each patient by selecting the parameter options for four fitting zones:


    Onefit MED+ provides all the necessary parameter controls that one needs! All this control is facilitated by a highly intuitive online fitting tool, and an array of handy custom tools.

    Register for one-on-one a virtual fitting training to learn more about the Onefit MED family of scleral lenses and to find out how you can earn a no-charge diagnostic fitting set.

  • Onefit MED
    An intuitive scleral lens that provides you with total design & parameter control to customize the ideal lens for each patient....

  • Onefit MED provides practitioners with complete control over their scleral lens designs and fits.  With a standard diameter of just 15.6mm, Onefit MED is unique and simplifies the fitting process for a wide range of applications. Designed to allow the practitioner to fully customize the fit, adjustments are possible in four (4) separate zones of the lens (Central, Mid-Peripheral, Limbal and Edge). 

    Onefit MED is very predictable and the final lens parameters can be determined, as well as visualized, using the Onefit MED Fitting Tool.

    Register for a one-on-one virtual workshop to learn more about the Onefit MED family of scleral lenses and to learn how you can earn a non-charge diagnostic fitting set!

  • Onefit Scleral Lens Platform
    The Onefit™ Scleral Lens Platform, with a standard diameter of14.9mm, is the versatile and dynamic solution you need for both healthy and mild to moderately irregular corneas....

  • The Onefit Scleral Lens Platform, with a standard diameter of just 14.9mm, and the Onefit A lens with a standard diameter of 14.7mm, simplify the fitting process for a wide range of applications, and minimize both lens thickness and tear layer required to support the lens, while maximizing oxygen transmission to the cornea and stems cells for long-term corneal health. Onefit lenses are designed to vault a given topography with an optimal sag height, and is specified by the value of the base curve in millimeters of radius curvature; streamlining the fitting process and making it more user-friendly.

    With a trial set composed of only 14 lenses, a simple six step fitting approach, and an intuitive online fitting and design tools to remove any guesswork, Onefit is extremely easy to use and allows practitioners to fit a wide range of applications utilizing handy custom design tools.

    Want to learn about Onefit lenses?  Email and a Blanchard representative will be in touch. 

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