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Bio-Tissue prides itself on being a pioneer in regenerative medicine. Our unique regenerative therapies help treat ocular surface disease. Our cryopreserved amniotic membrane family of PROKERA® biologic corneal bandages is FDA designated to reduce inflammation, prevent scarring and ultimately promote quality healing. Our Cliradex® lid hygiene products contain 4-Terpineol the most important ingredient in tea tree oil for the treatment of the symptoms of blepharitis, Demodex and rosacea. 

Beyond our superior products, Bio-Tissue is committed to providing exceptional customer service with every interaction from implementation, product training, reimbursement support, to practice growth.


What is PROKERA?


    PROKERA contains the only FDA cleared amniotic membrane that is designated for anti-inflammation and anti-scarring.
    Common indications for PROKERA include modern to severe dry eye disease, herpetic keratitis, non-healing defects and many others....

  • PROKERA is a self-retaining biologic corneal bandage and is a class II medical device. It is comprised of a cryopreserved amniotic membrane (CAM) graft fastened to an ophthalmic conformer. 

    PROKERA retains a key biologic complex, HC-HA/PTX3 via our proprietary CryoTek preservation method which allows the amniotic membrane to maintain its full biologic and structural integrity equivalent to fresh tissue.

    • Alternative amniotic membrane solutions that are dehydrated lack crucial biologic components

    Ultimately PROKERA helps rapidly restore the cornea’s own healing capabilities by orchestrating regenerative healing.

    Studies have shown PROKERA help patients with Dry Eye Disease by reducing the signs and symptoms of the indication is 5-7 days and continue to alleviate the same signs in symptoms as time goes on up until 3 months.

    PROKERA comes in 4 sku’s to accommodate the needs of the patients. The appropriate use of PROKERA is highly reimbursed and requires minimal storage in a refrigerator or freezer.

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