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Welcome to Art Optical, THE leader in custom contact lenses.

As the nation’s most experienced specialty contact lens lab, Art Optical has a category leading lens for virtually every patient! Our 2020 technology enhancements include decentered multifocal options in our Ampleye scleral lens and Intelliwave PRO custom soft lens platforms, and MOONLENS® our new, overnight ortho-K lens system that includes customization features to help you manage myopia for a broader range of patients. From children to adults, myopia is managed with MOONLENS!

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  • Art Optical is pleased to announce the availability of MOONLENS, a new, modern Myopia Management Orthokeratology lens system developed by the KATT Design Group.

    The MOONLENS Orthokeratology (Ortho K) Contact Lens System for overnight wear is a unique contact lens with a progressive design and fitting system that helps manage and temporarily correct myopia, as well as mild astigmatism. The MOONLENS also includes a myopia management feature allowing customization for a wide range of patients, from children to adults, offering eye care practitioners a unique, comprehensive Orthokeratology lens and fitting system to treat a broader array of myopic patients.

    Utilizing the MOONLENS Ortho K fitting software to construct individualized lenses for each unique eye is easy and efficient. The lens can be built from simple K readings or highly customized with topography data. Additional benefits of the MOONLENS system include accelerated fitting features to reduce chair time, the availability of toric peripheries at no additional charge, a complimentary patient starter pack with each order, as well as discounted spare lens pricing.

    Falling in line with Art Optical’s high service standards, the MOONLENS is backed by their No-Worry Warranty program that includes unlimited exchanges, full cancellation privileges and no lens returns required for fit and Rx changes for 120 days, as well as consultation support and expedited manufacturing and shipping options.

    MOONLENS is made in Boston® lens materials and as part of the Bausch+Lomb Vision Shaping Treatment/VST® Program, professional training/certification is required to prescribe MOONLENS. Certification is easily accessible at For additional information on MOONLENS, visit or contact Art Optical at 1-800-253-9364.


  • Ampleye
    4-Zone scleral lens employing Spline Technology, making each zone independently adjustable. Features a 16.5mm optimal diameter with 150um toric haptic standard on all lenses. Front toric, quadrant control and decentered multifocal options all available....

  • Ampleye lens design features:

    • Fitting by patient condition and not K-readings
    • Spline science technology for complete control over all 4 zones
    • 16.5mm optimal diameter with 150um toric haptic on standard Rx lenses & in diagnostic set
    • 9 lens diagnostic set covers both prolate and oblate corneas
    • HydroLock for relieving symptoms of dry eye and ocular surface disease
    • Front Toric option
    • Quadrant Specific Control option
    • Front surface, center near, simultaneous vision multifocal with decentered optics available
    • Smaller diameter options available. Only one 9 lens diagnostic set required for entire 15.0-17.0 range

    Ampleye is ideal for:

    • All patients with irregular corneas 
    • Corneal GP intolerance 
    • Lens stability issues 
    • Patients with dry eye conditions or ocular surface disease

    FDA approved for ocular surface and dry eye disease!

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  • Renovation
    The nations #1 prescribed GP multifocal in the country. Insures proper focus of near, intermediate and distance power ranges throughout all parameter and design combinations including bi-toric, back toric and front toric options....

  • The Renovation Multifocal design includes:

    • A flexible, front surface eccentricity control platform designed to reduce spherical aberration, allowing the patient to translate into the near zone without optical distortion.
    • An adjustable distance zone diameter to accommodate patients with large or small pupils.
    • Proprietary thickness control to maximize lens centration and wearing comfort even in lenses with higher add powers.
    • Advanced ray tracing technology to ensure proper focus of near, intermediate and distance power ranges with all parameter combinations

    The Renovation Multifocal is ideal for:

    • All presbyopic patients, even the mature presbyope with an add power of +2.25D or higher
    • Patients who need good vision at all distances, including intermediate distance vision for computer use
    • Patients with solid motivation and realistic expectations

    Delivering near, intermediate and distance performance for today's demanding presbyopes!

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    Unique, Novel Overnight Orthokeratology Lens System simplified into three principle fitting zones for high first fit success and multi-customization features to optimize the fit....

  • The MOONLENS is a unique contact lens product with a progressive lens design and fitting system that helps manage and temporarily correct myopia through a proprietary algorithm allowing more customization for each individual patient eye. 

    Featuring three fitting zones (Base Curve, Reverse Curve Depth, and Alignment Zone Angle) with multi-customization for better stability, centration and comfort. 

    • Up to -5.00 myopia correction
    • 1.50D astigmatism correction
    • Approved for overnight orthokeratology by the US FDA

    Fitting is done by a convenient online calculator for efficient determination of parameters.

    Three Principle Fitting Zones:

    1. Base Curve - creates the mold or desired shape of the cornea following overnight wear. Additionally, the optical zone can be reduced in size to create better control.
    2. Reverse Curve Depth (RCD) - used to control the sagittal depth. This can be adjusted in1 micron increments to control the apical clearance and depth of the lens.
    3. Alignment Zone Angle (AZA) - controls the centration and fit. The unique edge contour of the design maximizes tear exchange, performance and comfort.

    Additional Lens Features:

    • Symmetric vs Toric Landing - depending on the corneal shape, a toric landing can be constructed to best align with different depths between the principle meridians of the eye.
    • Optical Zone Size - A principle feature of the MOONLENS, adjusting the optical zone will help in increasing or decreasing the treatment zone depending on patient needs.

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  • Intelliwave Pro
    Custom soft contact lens for all prescriptions (asphere, toric, CN and CD multifocal & multifocal toric) featuring freeform stabilization to ensure comfort and crisp, clear vision at all times....

  • The Intelliwave Pro design incorporates award-winning (Queen's Award for Enterprise) wavefront technology:

    • Aberration control for clearer vision in all conditions, at all distances
    • Enhanced vision in low-light conditions
    • Enhanced contrast sensitivity
    • Empirical fitting method to eliminate trial set investment
    • A wide range of MTO parameters for the precise prescriptions your patients require

    Freeform stabilization utilizes Peripheral Balancing Zones (PBZ) that interact with the top and bottom lid. This interaction creates stabilizing forces which allow for rapid lens positioning and focus.

    PBZ advantages:

    • Rapid settling and focus
    • Stable vision through shifts in gaze
    • Doesn't mislocate during wear
    • Stability maintained when head is tilted
    • Reduced overall thickness
    • Increased comfort

    Soft lens convenience with the Rx range and flexibility of a custom made lens. 

    Don't wait for your custom soft lenses, turnaround around time is 2-3 days!

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  • Rose K
    The Rose K2 family of contact lenses is a series of designs to fit all corneal shapes, sizes and stages of keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, keratoglobus, LASIK-induced ecstasia and patients who have undergone penetrating keratoplasty....

  • Rose K2

    • Indications: Oval Keratoconus, Nipple Keratoconus & early Pellucid Marginal Degeneration
    • Base Curve: 4.30 mm to 8.60 mm
    • Diameter: 7.90 mm to 10.40 mm
    • Power: Any
    • 26 lens diagnostic set

    Rose K2 NC

    • Indications: Moderate & Steep Nipple Cones
    • Base Curve: 4.30 mm to 7.70 mm
    • Diameter: 7.60 mm to 9.00 mm
    • Power: Any
    • 25 lens diagnostic set

    Rose K2 IC Irregular Cornea

    • Indications: Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, Keratoglobus, Oval Keratoconus, LASIK-induced Ectasia and Post Graft
    • Base Curve: 5.70 mm to 9.30 mm
    • Diameter: 9.40 mm to 12.00 mm
    • Power: Any
    • 18 lens diagnostic set

    Rose K2 PG

    • Indications: For patients who have undergone penetrating keratoplasty, Oval Keratoconus, Nipple Keratoconus and Lasik
    • Base Curve: 5.70 mm to 9.30 mm
    • Diameter: 9.40 mm to 12.00 mm
    • Power: Any
    • 22 lens diagnostic set

    Rose K2 XL

    • Indications: Keratoconus, PMD, Post Graft, Corneal Rings, Post-LASIK
    • Base Curve: 5.60 mm to 8.40 mm
    • Diameter: 13.60 mm to 16.0 mm
    • Power: Any
    • 16 lens diagnostic set

    The most widely used keratoconus lens used in the world!

    Manufactured in 24 hours, when ordered through Art Optical!

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