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Complete range of Dry Eye Treatments and instruments

The Dry Eye Doctor specializes in daily eye lid hygiene to treat ocular surface disease such as Dry Eye, MGD, and Blepharitis. We offer two different moist heat compresses (Essentials and Premium).   Along with our compresses for your patients daily lid hygienic needs, we offer two types of lid wipes and lid cleanser.  Our lid wipes and lid cleanser are made from  all natural ingredients. 

In addition to our compresses, we have a line of office based instruments for Meibomian Gland expression, epilation, punctal plug forceps, bandage lens forceps, foreign body remover, amniotic membrane forceps, and prokera lens forceps.  

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  • Eye Doctor Premium
    Anti-microbial compress with a washable cover....

  • The Eye Doctor Premium is the best compress on the market.

    • The shape of the mask is designed to fit any size face comfortably and the winner of patient comfort studies.
    • All compresses are made with soft, comfortable fabric that is anti-microbial, (Sterileyes®) that kills 99% of bacteria, provides stain protection and eliminates germs that cause odor. 
    • This is the only moist heat mask that can be heated in the microwave and oven; and used cold from the freezer. 
    • Study shows the Eye Doctor Premium Compress has the best retention of heat for proper sustained necessary temperatures, and temperatures do not peak early and drop off as with other masks.
    • 35 seconds on “high” in the microwave gives off 10 to 12 minutes of soothing moist heat.
    • Has a removable cover for easy washing & can be used immediately after drying; No 24 hour wait time as with other masks. 
    • Mask comes with its own sturdy storage pouch and 6 sterile 0.09% sodium chloride eyelid wipes (also safe for false lashes) 
    • Not available in retail stores, only through the doctor’s office. 
    • The mask can be used over and over again. Guaranteed for one year
    • Made in the UK.
  • Eye Doctor Essentials
    Anti-microbial Moist Heat Compress...

  • Great compress for your daily needs.

    • Fits any size face comfortably. 
    • Made with (Sterileyes®) that kills 99% of bacteria. The soft, and satin comfortable fabric eliminates germs that can cause odor.
    • 35 seconds on “high” in the microwave gives off 10 to 12 minutes of soothing moist heat. 
    • Inner beads are purposely loose, so you can shake after heating to prevent any “hot or cold spots”.
    • Can be used for moist heat or cold from the freezer. 
    • The mask can be used over and over. Guaranteed for one year.
    • Not available in retail stores, only through the doctor’s office.
    • Made in the UK
  • Eye Doctor Lid Wipes
    Lid Wipes for your daily eyelid hygiene....

    • Preservative and detergent free. 
    • Individual single use sterile packages. 
    • Cooling, soothing, refreshing, gently cleans. 
    • Each wipe saturated with 0.9% Sodium Chloride solution. 
    • Comes 20 individual sterile wipes per box.
  • Eye Doctor Tea Tree Lid Wipes
    All natural Tea Tree Lid Wipes for daily eyelid hygiene....

  • Our Tea Tree Oil Lid Wipes are made from all natural ingredients.  The concentration of Tea Tree Oil is reduced to help eliminate the strong smell that most Tea Tree Oil products have.  With the lower concentration of Tea Tree Oil, this will help reduce any burning sensation your patients and customers may have experienced in the past. 

    Unique Ingredients Include:
    TEA TREE OIL - natural antibacterial properties, controls natural oil levels on the skin and cleans excess sebum in the eyelids.
    ARGAN OIL - Skin conditioning properties, high vitamin E and fatty acid content, an ideal ingredient to give skin a natural boost.
    MICELLAR WATER - Cleanser & make-up remover, gentle & hydrating.
    COCONUT OIL - A skin conditioning ingredient soothing to the skin with anti-bacterial properties.

  • Office Based Instruments
    German Made Office Based Instruments...

  • Choose from our complete line of office based instruments, or you can build your own ocular surface set complete with an autoclavable instrument tray and office based sanatizer.  You pick the five instruments of your choice.

    • Meibomian Gland  Expressor
    • Epilation Forceps 
    • Amniotic Membrane Forceps 
    • Shirey Amniotic Membrane Forceps 
    • Prokera Lens Forceps 
    • Punctal Plug Forceps 
    • Bandage Lens Forceps 
    • Foreign Body Remover 
    • Jeweler Forceps 
    • Ellis Spud
  • Eye Doctor Lid Cleanser
    All natural daily eyelid hygiene....

  • For daily eyelid hygiene.

    • Gently cleans sensitive eyelids & lashes.
    • Not a foam, so a little goes a long way! 
    • Ingredients are all natural.
    • Leaves skin feeling silky, smooth and refreshed.  
    • Carefully removes dirt, debris, and make-up from eyelids without irritation.
    • Alcohol and fragrance free.

    All Natural Ingredients:
    - Argan Oil – skin conditioning properties, high in vitamin E and fatty acid.
    - Micellar Water – cleanser and make-up remover, gentle and hydrating.
    - Coconut Oil – a skin conditioning ingredient, soothing to the skin with anti-bacterial properties.

  • Anti-Bacterial Facemask
    Anti-Bacterial Facemask offers 7 layers of protection (2 Layers that are 99.9% anti-bacterial fabric, and a custom 5 layer carbon filter). 95% filtration rate of non-oil based particles....

  • This is the perfect PPE for your office needs.  Each Facemask comes with 5 carbon filters that are composed of 5 layers.  Additional filters are available.  No need to purchase disposable mask when you can just replace the filter.  
    Manufactured in England
    Made with soft, comfortable Anti-Microbial fabric with filter
    Washable and reusable
    Adjustable cords around the ear enable a perfect fit
    Filters out 95% of polluted particles
    Filter lasts 40 hours
    Each mask comes with 5 filters
    Easy to replace filter
    To order, call 470-374-5305 and mention Academy 2020 to recieve a special discount.
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