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Simworx are acknowledged as leaders in the supply of dynamic motion simulation attractions & 4D cinemas for entertainment, education & corporate markets, worldwide. 

We offer full turnkey solutions, custom & complete themed attractions, product development, manufacturing, service support, film content & motion programming. Our clients have access to a vast film library, with hugely varied subject content and Simworx also offer bespoke projects which enables clients to have a fully personalised attraction.

Our range of 3D/4D dynamic simulation attractions & 4D effects cinemas are designed to offer total flexibility and to integrate smoothly in to any venue or creative concept. Simworx is one of the few companies in the business that actually manufactures its own products in house, therefore the customer can be assured of unparalleled quality, with highly approved manufacturing quality accreditations. Simworx have installed attractions in the UK, Europe, USA, Africa, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East.

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 Show Specials

  • Step on board the ‘Metro of Time’ and travel through time’s forgotten ages. This state of the art motion simulator ride takes visitors on trip of a lifetime through four time zones, as they embark on a safari through Prehistoric lands, before exploring Ancient Egyptian tombs to find lost treasures, on a Medieval quest to save a princess and a ruthless chase through the Old Wild West.

    Simworx has created four unique Metro Themed 4D Cinemas, available individually or in multiples, each with a capacity of 40 persons, that are in stock and available for 2020 install. The fully themed carriages include 3DOF motion seats, surround sound audio, on-board special effects and 7 LED screen ‘windows’ in each carriage that ‘transport’ passengers to anywhere your imagination wants to take them to.

    Before hopping on the metro, guests are to be taken through a mesmerising pre-boarding  experience that puts a twist on a typical trip to the metro station. When a mysterious geomagnetic storm hits and things start malfunctioning, guests are encouraged to rush into train carriages to leave the station. Little do they know, they haven’t escaped the storm yet.

    As they set off on their journey things begin to go wrong, and the train takes a diversion. Arriving at each ‘destination’ the whole carriage show wall opens, revealing a huge projection screen, which, in conjunction with the on-board screens combine to tell a truly immersive and compelling story like no other 4D cinema.

    This attraction is available with specially designed custom film content to suit a client’s venue and any theme, or library films specifically created for this ‘time travelling’ attraction.

    Guests can take a tour of the land that time forgot, meeting Dinosaurs, followed by an exploration into the ruins of Pharaoh’s shrines with Archaeologists, Fighting dragons with the courageous knights of the round table and rescuing the damsel in distress before rounding off their adventure with a wacky pursuit through the wild west mines after the bank robbing bandit.

    After travelling through the space-time continuum and back to present day, passengers return to the Metro Station where they are greeted by the station crew and news reports explaining the weird phenomena that went on whilst they were away exploring far off lands. With complete show control, optional effects and integrated AV systems the ‘Metro of Time’ is the perfect ride solution for those looking for a twist on the traditional 4D Cinema and a quick turn around.


  • Immersive Tunnel
    An adrenaline inducing adventure that will excite, thrill, scare and enthrall in equal measures, the Immersive Tunnel is Simworx’s latest innovative product. In configurations of 30, 60 and 90 seats....

  • Here at Simworx the Immersive Tunnel is one of our most innovative and popular attractions that truly creates a real sense of adventure, excitement, fun and plenty of thrills!

    Throwing you right into the action using our 4D Cinematic software and films created by our brilliant software team in house, each experience feels as real and personal as the last. Riders take their seats on a ‘tram’ styled simulator that can be designed to fit 30, 60 or 90 seats! With physical platform drops, dynamic motion, water, air and much more thrown your way, it is an experience like no other that all the family will remember!

    The impressive 3DOF motion base is highly dynamic and revolutionary along side the 360° 3D film projection it is an unrivalled attraction within the industry. Our dinosaur themed immersive tunnel is a brilliant example of how this technology really brings the unbelievable to life with animation including Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops running along side you giving you a feel for the real Jurassic Park!

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  • AGV Dark Ride
    Simworx’s new range of AGV (Advanced Guidance Vehicle) Dark Rides take the genre to whole new levels. No tracks and no power cables, and with an acceleration that is unrivaled within the industry....

  • Simworx’s new range of AGV (Automated Guidance Vehicle) Dark Rides take the genre to whole new levels.

    No tracks and no power cables, and with an acceleration of 0.3G that is unrivalled within the industry. Our AGV Dark Rides are available with a variety of different motion systems, seating capacities and on-board 4D effects.

    When combined with a custom designed AV solution by one of the most experienced AV integrators worldwide, clients are assured of a leading edge ride that will excite and enthral visitors for years to come. We offer clients a genuine turnkey solution for their attractions. In addition to our AGV Dark Rides we also supply: In-Show Effects, 3D Projection Systems, Surround Sound, Show Control, Theming, PreShow / Post-Show, Custom Film Productions, 3D Glasses and Glass Cleaning Machines.


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  • Mini Flying Theatre
    Simworx’s Mini Flying Theatre enables 20 riders per cycle to experience unique movements perfectly synchronised with a movie being played on a 1/4 dome screen....

  • "An innovative and very accessible product to smaller vendors.."

    An innovative and very accessible product that requires less space than our 60 seat 360 Flying Theatre. Simworx’s Mini Flying Theatre enables 20 riders per cycle to experience unique movements perfectly synchronised with a movie being played on a 1/4 dome screen. Provided in full turnkey solutions, the Mini Flying Theatre is supplied with surround sound audio and a HD/2K or 4K 3D projection system.

    Combined with the Flying Theatre, is an all encompassing dome and projection system which totally immerses the riders. Surround Sound audio adds to the realism and with a specially produced film, designed specifically for the Flying Theatre, it provides an amazing experience like no other.

    During the ride experience, guests move forward and backward in conjunction with the all important sensation of flying which is enhanced as the riders legs are dangling free, while a range of in-theatre effects such as water spray, wind, smoke and special effects lighting provide operators with an incredible ride guaranteed to keep visitors coming back.

    • 20 SEAT UNITS

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  • 4D Effects Cinema
    To enjoy 3D film content, you need to deliver it in a sensational way. Simworx are able to offer clients a genuine turnkey solution, with any number of seats & layouts....

  • "The ultimate cinema experience..."

    To enjoy 3D film content, you need to deliver it in a sensational way. Simworx are able to offer clients a genuine turnkey solution, with any number of seats & layouts. 3D films - either from our extensive library or custom produced - combined with our 4D effects seats create the ultimate cinema experience.

    Our 4D Effects Theatre seats are extremely comfortable, and available in a wide range of fabric and leather finishes. The seats are designed specifically to ensure that any user feels the full impact of the various '4D' effects and seat movements that are available with a Simworx 4D Effects theatre. Each 4D seat has its own motion base to offer complete flexibility when laying out the theatre and offers options for various seat movements including 0DOF, 1DOF or 3DOF motion and vibration, leg ticklers, water spray & air blast. We even have a fibreglass seat suitable for water parks.

    Curved or flat screens, along with in theatre effects, such as special effects lighting, bubbles, low smoke, snow & aroma will be sure to activate all senses. As a turnkey supplier, all we ask from our clients is a room and a power supply. Simworx as part of the package will supply the 3D projectors, surround sound audio, raised seating grandstands and 3D film content, either from our vast library or custom produced specifically for your venue.

    • 24 - 1000 SEATS
    • 0DOF / 1DOF / 3DOF MOTION

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