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Modernise your water slides, increase visitor satisfaction and safety and earn revenue from new sources. SplashWare is an Integrated Slide Information System developed by Eleven Ltd., market leader of the Hungarian water slide industry. This innovative modular system can add fun new features to your slides, and increase profit by selling advertisement spaces and photos. We will also introduce Galaxy, a capsule that allows you to use your slides all year round and our new KING interactive games.

 Press Releases

  • Everything is getting smarter nowadays and waterslides are no exception. At IAAPA Expo Europe you can learn a lot about the most recent trends in the industry for example about upgrading even already existing waterslides with new functionality that helps operation and adds more to the guest’s experience.

    Why is it good for the operators?

    Did you know that in some waterslides you can reach a speed of 50 km/h? Many modern slides are long, full with twists and turns so guests must be sure it’s safe to go, especially when we are talking about such speeds. We recommend installing the Start-Stop System on most slides which can help waterpark operators in many ways besides increasing safety.

    Data about your waterslides like when they are used or which one is the most popular helps you to make better decisions about the staff’s work hours and future expansion and this technology allows you to gather this information. The LED screen can also display custom text messages to your guests like advertisements or promotions of your services.

    Another way to increase your profit is by selling photos. To avoid queues at photo-selling booths and comply with GDPR rules we recommend using cloud-based solutions that sends photos to your guest’s own online account and allows them to purchase the images from the comfort of their home. You can boost your Word-of-Mouth promotion by giving away the photos for free, so every guest can share them with their friends.

    Why is it good for the guests?

    Besides securing safety by adding electronics to a slide, guests can have more fun with it. Light and sound can be combined to increase customer satisfaction and renew a slide without rebuilding it.

    The feeling of a good competition can be built into the experience of sliding with the electronic updates. Organise waterslide championships where the player’s scores are displayed on a LED screen or have to collect points while sliding to be the winner.

    Overall besides of making sliding safer, it worth to add a modern electronic system to a slide because guests can just enjoy their day at your park while photos and information that they would love to share on their social media sites will automatically be saved on their profile.

    Where else can we use it?

    Even water play equipment can become something more by adding electronics. For example, we are creating custom attractions and SprayParks that can react to the guest’s actions or be controlled by them. Imagine a water playground where children can compete with each other and explore the different games by interacting with them.

    If you would like to learn more about the products of Eleven Ltd. visit booth 3944 on IAAPA Expo Europe 2019 or look around our website.

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