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Come and celebrate with us our 50 years in the fun business!

Emiliana Luna Park is celebrating more than 53 years in the amusement business. Our rides have become classics and must-have for all parks in the world. Our rides are synonymous with reliability, fun, success and durability. We will be introducting our latest COPERNICUS EDUTAINMENT RIDE,a totally new product for the amusement business and a  unique ride and experience. So add Emiliana Luna Park to the list of exhibitors you absolutely don't want to miss!

 Press Releases

  • The solar system was formed a crazy 4.6 billion years ago. In the 16th century Nicolaus Copernicus was the first to posit the idea of a heliocentric solar system—a system in which the planets orbit the sun. In 2018 Emiliana Luna Park pays homage to this visionary astronomer with COPERNICUS RIDE with a design that’s new in the amusement business and that focuses on entertainment & education.

    COPERNICUS RIDE  is the new addition to our range of family rides specifically created bearing shopping malls and edutainment in mind. It consists of 8 gondolas with 2 seats each one, large enough to  accommodate  children and adults.

    The 8 gondolas designed like the 8 planets of our solar system - Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune -   gently hop while rotating in one side and the other as they orbit  around the Sun that is the centre of the ride.   Pluto, downgraded from its status of planet to that of a dwarf planet, sits outside the ride,  covering the control-board.

    With an additional small charge  we can supply a set of educational cards to give out to passengers as a souvenir of Copernicus ride with curiosities and facts about our solar system and our extraordinary Universe in the language of your choice.

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