Wild Immersion  

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Wild Immersion’s mission is to reconnect people with each other and with nature by creating a sense of wonder, empathy and curiosity through our virtual reality films.

We believe that creating bonds that evoke joy and enthusiasm with nature is key to encouraging people to care about saving biodiversity and protecting humanity’s future.

We have already opened Wild Immersion venues in several major cities and will continue to grow so that our films can transport millions of people to the heart of nature.

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  • Wild Immersion
    Productions between 4 minutes for the teasers to 12 minutes for short movies. We currently offer 7 different movies, with our core products being the three original short movies Terra, Aqua and Alba. These movies are shot in 360° using 4K cameras....

  • We currently offer 7 movies : 

    - TerraWarm lands, luxurious vegetative surroundings. 13 min.

    - AquaA subaquatic odyssey. A breathtaking immersion. 12min

    - AlbaCold regions, a polar environment. 12min.

    - Cutest movie in the worldBaby and young animal all around the world.
 10 min

    - World TourA travel all around the world: an amazing diversity of fauna.
 12 min

    - Solstice and EquinoxA travel among the cold seasons, automn and winter, through Europe.
 9 min.

    - Great Apes : An intimate experience with the world's greatest apes. Travel across South-East Asia and South America. 14 min.

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