Sacoa Cashless System  

Orlando,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 2021

Welcome to the Sacoa Cashless System Digital Booth!

Sacoa is the leading worldwide supplier of revenue management systems for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries with more than 1900 installations in +70 countries. It offers customized applications to manage and control all aspects of an entertainment facility.

Sacoa Cashless System includes great money making features impossible to achieve by traditional means or with other debit card systems.

System prevents cashiers cheating the operator or customers.

Pricing strategies and enhanced customer loyalty may be built and consolidated by PlayCard translate into significantly increased revenues.

While average card system revenues increase 20 to 30% over token or cash play, many of our customers report even higher earnings.

Each game and attraction may be priced according to its present entertainment value, and prices can be changed according to demand.

Players can recharge their cards at anytime.

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 Press Releases

  • Sacoa will be exhibiting its latest products and solutions at The Global Attractions Industry's Premier Event IAAPA Expo 2021. It will be held in Orlando, FL, USA and attendees will be able to visit Sacoa booth # 2021 from November 16 to 19.

    At this so awaited in-person exhibition, visitors will be able to learn about RFID cards & wristbands, Kiosks, Online Sales & Event Booking modules, CRM, customized mobile applications, among other new features.

    The company will be included in the trade show floor tour, as Point of Sale System suppliers showcasing their latest developments in POS, Mobile POS and Kiosk K4.

    "It is good to see friends and customers face to face again. They give us such enriching feedback as we learn about their projects and needs. Trends, news, business, fun, all this is what IAAPA brings together for us", says Sebastian Mochkovsky CEO of Sacoa USA.

    Learn more about the Sacoa experience at Booth #2021IAAPAExpo 2021, November 16 –19 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando or schedule a meeting with the Sacoa team.


  • Sacoa Mobile App
    Allows for clients to view special offers, purchase credits and use them at any attraction or activity. Users will also be able to catch up on news, receive custom and preplanned notifications, as well as redemption tickets all from their phone....

  • • Native Android/iOS app available on Play/Apple Store, branded with your company’s own name and look & feel.
    • Allows registered guests to check playcard balance, purchase special offers paying online with credit card and accumulate reward points.
    • Features store details including map location, direct phone number dialing, website link, online party booking access, and also includes push notifications ability to keep your customers always updated with your latest offers and news!
  • Online Event Booking Module
    A 100% customizable platform. It allows you to book, schedule, and manage events by date and time for all rooms. You can purchase additional packages containing various rewards for your guests such as food, gifts, Time Cards, credits, and passports....

  • • Features multiple store selection, availability, party packages, food and gifts, online payment, and everything needed to manage party reservations.
    • Possibility of booking, scheduling and managing events by date and time for any number of rooms at the location.
    • Optionally, packages may include various entitlements: time, money (credits), or passports for specific attractions or games.
    • Allows bulk card activation for one event simultaneously.
    • Integration with Facebook within a fan page, which allows users to complete all steps for making a reservation straight from their Facebook accounts. 
  • Kiosk K4
    It allows for purchases to be centralized and analyzed as well as the reloading of play cards in one place. It simplifies customers’ decisions by offering preselected promotional packages. A screen on top is available to show important messages....

  • • Playcard analysis, sale and recharge. Detailed display of card balance, status and activity.
    • Passport and other entitlement sales at Amusement Park gates.
    • Cash and credit card acceptance.
    • Enhances transaction speed and reduces personnel requirements.
    • Flexible promotional packages (combine credits, time-play and passports).
    • Multiple card purchases in a single transaction.
    • Customer selected language.
    • Slide shows, animations with sound when inactive.
    • Integratation with CRM.

  • Spark
    It is the latest wireless card reader by Sacoa which comes with RFiD and NFC reading capabilities allowing for the use of cards, wristbands, tokens & key fobs....

  • • Wireless card reader with NFC & RFID technology (cards, wristbands, key fobs).
    • Full HD color 2.8" touch screen.
    • Color-code according to age restriction, promotions, tickets, etc.
    • Heighten E-ticket winning and counting with programmable flashing lights
    • Optional single head magnetic swipe technology.
    • Water and dust resistant (Tap version).

  • Sacoa POS & Mobile POS
    The portable Mobile POS, allows all the features that the desktop POS can manage, such as Playcard analysis, sale and recharge, retail merchandise, etc. It supports RFID and magnetic Playcard swipes, printing and game emulation as well....

    • Playcard analysis, sale and recharge, individually and in batch.
    • Product sale and inventory tracking, combo packages, ingredients for recipes.
    • F&B and retail merchandise sales.
    • Order modifiers, running tabs (not available for Mobile POS), remote kitchen printing capabilities.
    • Barcode reading for retail products and promo coupons (not available for Mobile POS)
    • Support for multiple printers (bar, kitchen, etc.) and multiple taxes.
    • Integrated credit card processing, split payments (cash, credit card, tender), refunds, discounts.
    • Integration with bowling systems and other available POS vendors.
    • Integration with Sacoa CRM.
    • Multi-language capability.
    • Redemption exchange capability. 
    • Game emulation function.
    • Control Access System (CAS) for timed attractions.

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