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🔥 Relevant Marketing Solutions For The Amusement Industry

Event Hawk is the go to marketing agency for the Amusement Industry! Marketing has changed drastically in just the last few years, so what worked before won't work now. We know how to get your business in front of the new generation by utilizing text message and social media marketing along with Google and website optimization strategies that will leave you wishing you made the move sooner! With hundreds of happy clients worldwide, we are the #1 choice for text message marketing, Google and social media marketing, branding optimization, reputation management, and offer an all in 1 CRM so that you can manage your customers, emails, calls, text messages, and even social media in 1 convenient dashboard.


✅ All in 1 digital marketing and business management system that's compatible with most websites and booking systems.


✅ Mobile app to help you manage your business and view analytics on the go.


✅ Advanced Google and social media marketing strategies so your business gets more relevant website traffic.


✅ Strategic conversion optimization that converts clicks to conversions and revenue so you can run a more profitable business.


✅ Customer database management.


✅ Automated text message and email marketing so your business generates sales via text message and email.


✅ Review generation and filtering so you get more positive Google reviews.


✅ Business CRM dashboard so you have one place to manage texts, emails, calls, Facebook messages, Instagram messages, and Google My Business messages!


✅ Websites and funnels so you get more sales and conversions from your website visitors.


👉 5 star rated and trusted by hundreds of entertainment businesses worldwide.


👉 No marketing or technical savvy needed on your part. 


👉 Zero risk, money back guarantee!



Event Hawk CRM

 Show Specials

  • Visit our booth to enter to win one of many prizes including an Apple Watch, Airpods, and 3 months of Event Hawk FREE!!

    🚀 Learn more about how we can help take your business marketing to the next level at https://EventHawk360.com/IAAPA

 Press Releases

  • See full article on Fox News.

    Tariq Elkhatib is the founder of Event Hawk, the largest digital marketing agency in the event rental industry. Now, Tariq has announced that he’ll be launching his own brand to help businesses in the amusement industry. He will be leveraging his knowledge and success in innovative digital marketing strategies to companies of all sizes, including start ups, local businesses, and large corporations.

    As a marketing strategist, Tariq and his team specialize in helping organizations not only achieve a great ROI, but also spend more time working ON their business rather than IN it. Tariq does this by adding the Event Hawk software to his clients’ website which immediately increases website conversion rates through text message marketing. Event Hawk also acts as a CRM where business owners can see and manage communications from business text messages, emails, Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business all in one place.

    Statistics show that texting is the future of marketing, since more and more people are ignoring their emails. Through the Event Hawk software, Tariq is able to help businesses get up to 90% of their customers to open and reply to text messages within minutes! By using the Event Hawk sales funnels along with the automated texting features, more website clicks convert into actual leads that are interested in talking to the business. Those leads can then be converted into paying customers by using the followup tools Event Hawk provides.

    Tariq’s services also include building high converting websites and funnels. This means that his team can help build websites from scratch or redesign existing websites so that they convert more clicks to actual sales. As with everything Tariq does, the focus is on conversions so these are not your typical websites as they are designed with the end goal in mind.

    But the feature that Tariq’s clients rave about most of all is Event Hawk’s reputation management tool. By utilizing this feature, businesses are getting more 5 star reviews than ever before. One business went from having 137 reviews after being in business for 9 years, to to having 543 reviews after using Event Hawk for just 1 year. Another business went from having virtually no reviews to hitting 200+ reviews after working with Tariq and his team for just a few months. All in all, Tariq and the Event Hawk software turn the complicated process of chasing down clicks, into one simple app that does it all. Business owners can view and manage all of their leads and customers on desktop or through the mobile app. Add to this Tariq’s Google and Social Media marketing expertise, and businesses now have one place they can go to for all inclusive, holistic digital marketing solutions.

    More information can be found at https://EventHawk360.com/IAAPA.


  • Event Hawk
    Text message marketing, Google and social media marketing, branding optimization, reputation management, and offer an all in 1 CRM so that you can manage your customers, emails, calls, text messages, and even social media in 1 convenient dashboard....

  • Event Hawk is an all in 1 digital marketing and business management platform that's compatible with most websites and booking systems. Use some of it or all of it. We offer customer database management and a mobile app to help you manage your business and view analytics on the go.

    Best of all, we have an AWESOME CRM dashboard so you have one place to manage all your marketing communications including:

    ✅ Text Messages

    ✅ Emails

    ✅ Calls

    ✅ Facebook

    ✅ Instagram Messages

    ✅ Google My Business

  • Google Marketing
    GUARANTEES Traffic To Your Site Over A Short Period Of Time So You Build Up Your Customer Base Quick!...

  • Get your business front and center on the world's largest search engine! Google is where customers with the highest purchase intent can be found, that means they're ready to spend money now! Every day without optimized Google marketing is a day you're losing sales.

    Event Hawk is a Google Partner and we know how to get you in front of more of the right people.

    Visit https://eventhawk360.com/IAAPA to learn more!

  • Facebook & Instagram Marketing
    Strengthen Your Brand On The Largest Social Media Platforms So Your Business Stays Relevant!...

  • Let's face it, your customers don't read newspapers any more... You need to get your brand on the world's largest social media platforms so your business stays relevant and your brand stays strong 💪!!

    Our social media marketing programs help you strengthen your brand AND target those people who visited your site but never made a purchase. Now that's 🔥!

    Visit https://eventhawk360.com/IAAPA to learn more!

  • Websites & Funnels
    Enhance your website so that it actually converts....

  • There's a key difference between a website and a funnel that most business owners simply don't understand. Websites are best for providing your customers with information while funnels are best for generating sales. Most business owners don't utilize funnels and end up with a conversion rate of 1-3%. Our proven conversion optimization funnels have consistently generated conversion rates any where from 15-45%!! More conversions means more sales, or any thing that could lead to a sale such as a phone call, quote request, or contact form submission. You decide what conversions you want more of and we help make it happen 🙌!

    Learn more at https://eventhawk360.com/IAAPA

  • 5 Star Review Generation & Filtering
    Get More Of The Positive Google Reviews You Deserve!...

  • Nothing is more discouraging than providing great service and not getting the 5 star reviews you deserve. Our proven Review System automatically texts your customers to ask for a review at just the right time when they're most likely to actually leave a review. Not only that, we'll also help you filter your reviews so that any 1 star reviews are much less likely to actually get published.

    Reviews are more important than ever today. More reviews results in more sales AND gains your customers trust so that they'll continue to be a customer even when you raise your prices.

    Learn more at https://EventHawk360.com/IAAPA

  • Text Message Marketing
    Tired of your emails ending up in spam and only getting opened by 1% of your list?...

  • Tired of your emails ending up in spam and only getting opened by 1% of your list? Our proven SMS marketing system AUTOMATICALLY texts your website visitors while they're still shopping!! The result? Up to 90% of them open and reply to your texts within minutes 🤯!

    This is absolutely the #1 area you need to start investing in now because people are addicted to their phones and the sooner you get in their pockets the sooner they'll start to see you as one of the many friends they're already texting 😎.

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