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German Innovation in Motion!

Motion-based simulator rides, Flying Theatres and Dark Rides

Simtec is a leading supplier of complete simulator attractions. We combine individual design with modular realization adapted to customer's specific requirements. Our competence is not limited to motion platforms. We are familiar with design of simulator cabins, integration of video and audio systems, air conditioning and fire protection as well as show control systems.

Our products:

HEXaFLITE®2.0 Flying Theatre
The system design of the HEXaFLITE®2.0 allows full 6-DOF movements in any system position. Additionally, seats can be tilted backwards while the system platform remains in the loading position.

At IAAPA Expo we present our new developed mini flying theatre for 4 or 8 passengers!

We have got a wide range of motion-based simulators from 2 - 100 passengers with open or closed cabin and also on track!

Our Interactive Dark Ride combines a traditional dark ride concept with the fun of competing each other. Special features like a rotating passenger cabin with 360° in both directions and optional movement of the cabin are only two further features.


  • HEXaFLITE®2.0 - The Soaring Adventure
    Our HEXaFLITE®2.0 entertainment attraction combines the traditional open cabin simulator ride with 6 DOF motion in loading position with its successful flying theater....

  • The special design of the HEXaFLITE® motion system allows guests to enter the system in horizontal position. After starting, at the beginning of the ride, guests are tilted towards the dome screen in a breath taking movement, so that their feet are hanging freely in open air, thus creating a unique feeling of free flight.

    Additionally, the seats can be tilted backwards while the system platform remains in the loading position. An extended screen in the ceiling area lets the guests look into the sky or other worlds… There are no limits to your ideas!


    • Full 6-DOF motion in loading and all tilt positions
    • Systems for 20 - 72 passengers
    • Single loading level
    • TÜV or CSEI approved

    Special options:

    • extended screen in the ceiling area for optimal use of tiltable seats
    • SFX: wind, water and scent
    • 2D projection

  • HEXaFLITE®mini
    Our mini soaring adventure for 4 or 8 guests!...

  • Our HEXaFLITE®mini has been developed for special requirement. It can be installed into rooms with a ceiling hight of only 5m and higher. It moves 4 or 8 guests wit a 6 DOF electric or hydraulic motion system. Special options available!

    FUNRIDE OCS (Open Cabin Simulator): Also as Immersive Tunnel Attraction!
    FUNRIDE CCS (Closed Cabin Simulator)...

  • The combination of 2D or 3D images, motion impressions and additional special effects such as rain, heat, wind, water and seat vibration take the guests on an unbelievable journey. The integration of these effects - both visual and mechanical - provides an immersive experience in simulator attraction technology.


    • Immersive Tunnel
    • 2D or 3D projection
    • 3-6 DOF motion platforms
    • Systems range from 20 to 100 passengers


    • Guests enter a themed closed cabin with projection screens
    • 2D or 3D projection
    • 3-6 DOF motion platform
    • Flexible themed cabin according to customers' requirements
    • Standing Option or Seats
    • 2 - 50 visitors


  • Our interactive DARK RIDE combines a traditional dark ride concept with the fun of cmpeting each other.

    Simtec Systems offers the entire project turnkey: ride system including interface to show control, theming and decoration, game development and ride audio and lightning.

    • Rotating passenger cabin
    • 360° in both directions
    • Speed variety of trains up to 2m/s
    • Track guided and trackless versions available
    • Optional movement of the cabins
    • Optional interactive shooting system, audio, seat vibration and score display
    • Special effects and storyline
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