The Ultimate Dark Ride Session

  • Room: Conference Room 1 - Hall 2
Tuesday,September 28, 2021: 1100 - 1200


Andreas Veilstrup Andersen
CEO & President
Liseberg Group
Dr. Pieter Cornelis
Dr Lecturer
David Garcia
Managing Director and CCO
Port Aventura Entertainment
Michael Mack
Managing Partner
Europa-Park GmbH & Co Mack KG
Owen Ralph
Karen Staley
VP Global Sales
Sally Dark Rides
Wim Strijbosch
Breda University Of Applied Sciences


Few theme park attractions entertain a family group better than a dark ride. Spooky, cute, interactive, or full of IP, many have become all-time classics. They’re also a great platform for storytelling in facilities such as museums, brand lands and more.

But there’s no such thing as an ‘off the shelf’ dark ride, so what’s the perfect mix of elements to make them a success? Amongst other things, we’ll shed some light on fascinating new research about the ‘wow and awe’ tactics that leave lasting memories with riders of such attractions (your guests). Join us for this celebration of an enduring ride genre.

Presentation on the Science Behind Wow and Awe Tactics:

  • Dr. Pieter Cornelis, Fontys Academy for Creative Industries & Project Strategy Director, Jora Vision
  • Wim Strijbosch, PhD candidate and lecturer, BREDA University of Applied Sciences

Panel Discussion about Dark Rides in their Attractions:

  • Fernando Aldecoa, Managing Director and COO, Port Adventura
  • Andreas Andersen, CEO & President, Liseberg Group
  • Michael Mack, Managing Partner, Europa-Park GmbH & Co Mack KG

Translation from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English will be available in this session.


All participants are requested to be fully vaccinated* or to have a negative Covid-19 test. It is the participants’ sole responsibility and personal accountability to observe those rules. IAAPA will not do further checks.

* A person is considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks after the 2nd dose of a two doses vaccine, or 4 weeks after one dose of a single dose vaccine.


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