Dr. Rebecca Homkes

High-Growth Strategy Specialist


Dr. Rebecca Homkes is a high-growth strategy specialist who serves as a Lecturer at the London Business School (LBS), a Director at the Strategic Management Centre (SMC) in London, and previous Fellow at the London School of Economics’ Centre for Economic Performance (CEP). With her boutique consultancy, she works with CEOs and executive teams of the top global companies and fast-growing enterprises on developing and executing strategies for growth as well as established enterprises in digital strategy, navigating successful innovation journeys, and establishing innovation capabilities.

Homkes is the director of the global Active Learning Programme (ALP) for the Young President’s Organization (YPO) and works with high-growth and scaling entrepreneurial companies across industries and countries. She is also a senior strategic advisor for GSV Labs (Global Silicon Valley), working to democratize entrepreneurship through corporate and young company consultancy, ecosystem building and online collaborative platforms; a partner with GrowthX, a Silicon Valley investment ecosystem and innovation consultancy; and is the faculty lead of two large European Fintech scaling and growth focused accelerators. A global keynote speaker, she is also a member of several advisory boards, directed the joint McKinsey & Co and LSE Centre for Economic Performance Global Management Project since 2007 and has written for publications such as the Harvard Business Review, Businessweek, Fortune, and Forbes.

A Marshall Scholar, she received her PhD and MSc from the LSE in International Economy and was Indiana University’s top graduate and its sole Herman Wells Scholar, where she earned a BS (Honours) in business administration alongside a BA (Honours) in Political Science. She previously served as a Fellow at the White House’s President’s Council of Economic Advisors and has worked in management and strategy consulting for Bain & Co. in Chicago.


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