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Whistler,  BC 
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Skyline Ziplines is a professional zipline course builder that designs, engineers, and operates world class Ziplines, Challenge Towers, Giant Swings and Suspension Bridges. Backed by extensive expertise and an exciting history of zipline inventions, Skyline continues to reinvent flyer thrills around the globe. With over 500,000 feet of cable using our skyTECH System, you can be assured of the highest quality of craftsmanship, the highest standards of safety, off the chart adrenaline and the best return on investment.

 Press Releases

  • Whistler, British Columbia - An internationally recognized company with over fifteen years of experience in providing equipment to the adventure tourism sector, Skyline Ziplines is proud to introduce its most recent safety innovation: the skyTECH Safe Launch system. This product is designed to increase the security of zipline installations by completely eliminating the risk of operator error—a common cause of incidents in this industry. 

    The skyTECH Safe Launch system has been engineered to protect zipline riders through the use of a programmable-logistic-control driven system that has multiple electronic, visual, and mechanical protocols. The system utilizes RFID technology to augment its monitoring and operational capabilities. 

    The skyTECH Safe Launch system comes with a number of high-tech features intended to minimize the incidence of error. These features include:    

    • Safe Brake system - This uses either proximity or RFID sensors to transmit a warning message if the brake system is not fully reset. This will in turn not allow the gates to open, meaning no flyers can take off until the landing is clear.

    • Electro-magnetic gates - The use of the electro-magnetic gates ensures that guests do not get released prematurely until the brakes below have been reset, and the deck has been cleared. Once the system recognizes that the zipline system is reset, the gates will be unlocked and free to open once the guide decides to launch the guest. 

    • Electric launch mechanism - This electronic launching mechanism prevents unauthorized or premature launches. The Electric launcher or E-Launcher will not allow flyers to be released until the system recognizes the brakes have been reset, the decks cleared, guides have performed a secondary check, and the gates have been opened all the way. 

    All these elements add up to a meticulous and safe zipline system that eradicates the possibility of operator error and reduces the risk of rider injury to almost zero. Furthermore, a facility that installs the Safe Launch system can potentially cut down its insurance rates substantially by demonstrating a commitment to safety and a lower risk of liability. The Safe Launch system holds enormous promise to become an industry standard in the years to come—not only for the zipline sector but also for other types of businesses that utilize this perennially popular recreational gear, such as water parks. 

    In addition to making available its high-performance skyTECH Safe Launch system, Skyline Ziplines continues to provide commercial zipline operations with fully inclusive planning and design services, and the construction and installation of complete systems and structures. The company’s equipment and installations comply with all relevant CSA and TSSA standards. Skyline also offers employee training and annual ACCT-accredited course inspections.

    To learn more about Skyline Ziplines and its various services, please visit the official website at or call 604-905-4149.

    About Skyline Ziplines

    Over the last fifteen years, Skyline Ziplines has established itself as the world's foremost zipline builder. The company has set up over 500,000 feet of durable steel cable around the globe, across 22 countries, 38 U.S. states, and 6 Canadian provinces, with its proprietary skyTECH System. Past clients include Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Grand Canyon Resort, and Rushmore Tramway Adventures. Skyline Ziplines is based in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. 

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