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Yonoton is a omnichannel SaaS platform for digital ordering and purchases. We operate with the biggest players in hospitality and entertainment industries. One platform for branded app, PoS (Point of Sale), webordering, self-service kiosks, NFC wristband payments and virtual queuing.

 Press Releases

  • Norway’s largest theme park chooses Yonoton and Elo for point-of-sale and self-service solutions

    Helsinki, Finland, 26 May 2021, - Yonoton, a leading expert in digital ordering and payment service for the hospitality and entertainment sector announces a cooperation with Elo, a leading global supplier of touchscreen solutions. Yonoton has certified Elo hardware for their point-of-sale and kiosk solutions and together, the companies aim to make omnichannel deployments in the hospitality and leisure industry easier. The two companies are currently supplying Norway’s largest theme park, Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park, with equipment in preparation for the holiday season.


    True omnichannel solution


    Yonoton’s versatile SaaS platform boasts quality and provides a true omnichannel solution for its clients to run their business in a modern way that saves operational costs and generates extra revenue. The biggest asset of Yonoton’s platform is that it enables its clients to manage everything simply from one place, regardless of the channel (application, webshop, point-oof-sale or self-service kiosk).


    “We are pleased to team up with Yonoton” says Maarten Bais, General Manager and Vice President at Elo EMEA.  “Our leading Android-powered interactive devices fit perfectly with Yonoton’s modern omnichannel solutions, making it easy for customers to keep their mobile apps, POS systems and self-service kiosks on the same architecture.” From handheld mobile devices and small 10inch tablet-sized touchscreens to larger signage displays and all-in-one POS systems, the modular designs provide customers with the building blocks to configure a multitude of solutions.


    “We and our theme park partner selected touchscreens from Elo because of the reliability and quality, which gives both us and our customers peace of mind – and with Elo’s broad portfolio, we can keep different form factors and sizes all on the same hardware platform” says Teemu Karenius, CEO at Yonoton.


    Digitalizing the theme park experience


    One of the major installations Yonoton and Elo are working on together, is equipping Norway’s largest theme park, Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park, Dyreparken in Norwegian, with a complete digital solution. Dyreparken is known to be one of the most innovative players in the theme park business, offering its visitors evolving and modern experiences. Technology is used in the park in various ways to enhance the customer journey.


    The digitalization, with the objective of improving the customer experience, started in the summer of 2019 with Dyreparken’s new app, a solution developed by Yonoton. It proved to be an instant success, with the app reaching the top 5 of all downloaded apps in Norway from Google Play in July 2019! The following year over 80% of the visiting families had downloaded the Dyreparken app and all food & beverage orders went through the app. For the summer of 2021, Dyreparken is taking the digitalization a step further with the introduction of Yonoton’s POS and self-service solutions throughout the park. Dyreparken also enables its visitors to use NFC wristband payments and a new virtual queueing solution – additional improvements allowing visitors to focus on the theme park experience instead of keeping track of payments, receipts and tickets.


    Around 50 Elo touchscreen devices have been installed in the park during spring 2021, to be ready for the summer rush. All are Android based and running on Yonoton’s new POS solution that is not only a cash register but ordering and management interface for various sales channels. The popular 15-inch I-Series touchscreens were chosen for manned POS systems, with the 10-inch model as an interactive customer display, and the 22-inch of the same family is the touchscreen of choice for an interactive self-service kiosk.


    “Our ambition is to create lifelong memories for our visitors.” says André Steinsholm, head of eCommerce at Dyreparken. “To make that happen we have to improve and optimize the guest journey constantly. One of our main goals is to reduce wasted time, and these new features will certainly help accomplish that.” 


    Read full press release in HERE or HERE



    About Yonoton

    Yonoton is a versatile digital platform for digital ordering and purchases. Yonoton’s true omnichannel SaaS platform is widely used within the international hospitality and entertainment industries. One platform for branded application, PoS (Point of Sale), webordering, self-service kiosks and NFC payments. Our clients are privileged to manage everything from the one digital platform. Yonoton offers an extensive set of ready-made, battle tested features and integrations to support your requirements and wildest desires - now and in the future. Learn more at Yonoton.com


    About Elo

    As a leading global supplier of interactive solutions, including commercial-grade Android devices, #EloIsEverywhere. To date, we have deployed more than 25 million installations in over 80 countries. A new Elo touchscreen is installed every 21 seconds, on average, somewhere in the world. Built on a unified architecture, Elo’s broad portfolio allows our customers to easily Choose, Configure and Connect & Control to create a unique experience. Choose from mobile computers, all-in-one systems, open-frame monitors and touchscreen monitors ranging from 7 to 65 inches. Configure with our unique Elo Edge Connect peripherals that allow use-specific solutions. Connect & Control with EloView®, a secure, cloud-based platform for Android-powered devices. EloView enables secure deployment and management of a large network of interactive systems designed to reduce operating costs while increasing up-time and security. In addition to access control solutions, consumers can find Elo touchscreen solutions in self-service kiosks, point-of-sale terminals, interactive signage, gaming machines, hospitality systems, point-of-care displays and transportation applications—to name a few. Learn more at EloTouch.eu.


    About Dyreparken

    Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park (Dyreparken) is Norway`s most frequently visited family attraction. The Park`s Zoo area and themed attractions have enchanted both children and adults for decades. Today you will find 125 species living in as much freedom as possible in a natural environment. The Park plays an important role for animal protection and conservancy worldwide. Dyreparken runs a variety of themed hotels, the largest is Abra Havn, a full-scale pirate town with sleeping accommodation for visitors in 171 apartments. Cardamom Town (Kardemomme by) is another small village, based on a well-known children's story. Here you will meet all the characters from the book in the park's main season! Entertainment has always been an important part of the overall customer experience at the Park. New concepts are continuously under development, but the Park also builds on existing, popular shows, the most popular being the evening shows featuring Captain Sabertooth.

  • Yonoton and Finland’s largest theme park Moominworld have strengthened their partnership by rolling out new features to provide new digitally immersive experiences.
    The Moominworld mobile experience is built on top of the robust Powered by Yonoton-platform. Moominworld’s digital guest solutions include fast mobile payments for food & beverage, entrance and game tickets. There is a lot of excitement for the most recent developments, the introduction of magic bracelets that trigger tailored interactive experiences for guests. In addition to new features, using digital solutions allows Moominworld to give up printed materials.
    “We want to give our customers new experiences and services through digitalization. We want to develop new features like the Magic Bracelet and develop the customer experience to create special, memorable moments. Our main goal is to make a full family experience for our guests by making the visit safe, fun and easy” says Ann-Karin Koskinen, Marketing Director for Moominworld.  
    Yonoton is the leading digital ordering & payment service for the hospitality & entertainment sector focused on creating unique guest experiences, keeping access to parks safe and easy. The platform covers ticketing systems and payment options with a dedication towards making the process frictionless for both guests and staff.  
    Magic bracelets  
    Moominworld uses Magic wristbands that allow the guests payments, loyalty programs and magic experiences by using NFC technology. Magic Wristbands make the experience safe, hygienic and cashless. It is the key to unlock  a great day out and with many of these features, the whole family can benefit from the ease and simplicity.  
    Yonoton have also recently announced a cooperation with Elo, a leading global supplier of touch screen solutions. Yonoton also has certified Elo hardware for their point of sale and self-service kiosk solutions, again giving customers of the park a fast and simple solution to order & pay for services including food and beverages. 
    Yonoton’s complete mapping & wayfinding feature so the park is also able to keep track of where visitors are with heat maps to fully monitor visitor flow, thus allowing them to prepare certain areas of the park & manage staff time better. This allows the park to also gain key metrics and understand the guest flow meaning they can better prepare based on this insight.
    Yonoton provides revenue driven technology and innovative tools for several theme parks across the Nordics. Having also just rolled out a virtual queueing solution at Norway's largest theme park, Dyreparken, enabling visitors the chance to continue their day, spending money and importantly not having to wait in a queue for hours. A simple push notification is sent to the guest when it is their turn.
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