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BMI Leisure is an established SaaS company in the leisure industry. We help entertainment centers worldwide optimize their full operational flow across venues. And that´s not all. Our all-in-one solution enhances guest experiences, automates marketing efforts, and offers you 24/7 support. 

We´ve been surfing the waves of this industry for over 22 years. And while the waters have not always been nice and steady, we keep on expanding and improving. How? Thanks to a growing team of 30 experts over 15 nationalities! 

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 Press Releases

  • November 11, 2021, BMI leisure, provider of the most advanced all-in-one software for family entertainment centers, is proud to announce the successful integration of their software platform with Shock Trampoline’s patented Jump Ringz wristbands.

    BMI Leisure’s full stack of software solutions, currently employed by over 250 FEC clients, including trampoline parks in more than seventy countries, is designed to improve operators’ administration work with features from online booking, point of sale, and on-site registration, to time and guest flow control.

    Shock Trampoline, best known for developing innovative equipment for trampoline parks, has designed and patented their smart Jump Ringz time management LED wristbands. Jump Ringz are the answer to the wristband inventory crisis, maximizing revenue, reduced liability and arcade, locker, gate and payment systems. Shock Jump Ringz allow operators to maximize capacity by selling timed admissions per minute and even offer RFID and NFC technology for contactless payment solutions when integrated with BMI software.

    The patented magnetic locking clasp system only allows staff to remove the bands. Ultimately this reduces no liability waiver participants and/or guests who reuse Tyvek bands and participate on attractions where an injury could occur. The Jump Ringz innovative design includes charging stations in sets of 150 Jump Ringz per station to accommodate small to large entertainment centers. Often trampoline parks use outdated color-coded paper wristbands that only enable staff and guests to book time in 30-minute increments. The result is that either guests need to wait until their start time on the hour or they go in earlier, resulting in loss of revenue for the operator and a limited ability to track and manage facility capacity.


    ● Guests book a time specific ticket of their choice and admission time starts when the band is activated upon arrival

    ● Staff activate the band using the RFID reader to register the guest in the BMI POS system

    ● On-site staff attach the band using the magnetic clasp system to the wrist

    ● Jump Ringz super LED lights pulse bright blue indicating active admission time and increasing the WOW! factor

    ● Staff is able to track guests and their time via the BMI software

    ● Staff remove the bands with a magnetic release lanyard and have the ability to address the guest’s experience improving guest retention by addressing any customer service situations immediately

    ● Jump Ringz pulse bright red indicating expired admission time and alerting staff with bright LED lights that make it easy for them to monitor active and expired guests without wristband color charts, stickers, or annoying voice announcements for expired time

    ● Bands are disinfected and placed back on the charging dock to be used again.

    ● Staff can focus on running the business and maximizing revenue down to the minute with Jump Ringz

    “BMI Leisure specializes in software solutions that automate and simplify operations to allow FEC staff to focus on customer service while enhancing guest experiences, so they are easy, comfortable, and frictionless,” noted Mark Lebouille, CEO of BMI Leisure. “In the near future of this integration, card information can be stored and linked to the Jump Ringz wristbands so guests can play arcade games and other activities and operators can gain more control, reduce their costs, and increase their revenues. It will also allow operators to start easily managing timing control around ropes, water activities, and other attractions.”

    “The integration with BMI Leisure is a perfect fit because our missions are aligned! Jump Ringz are designed to maximize revenue, prevent theft, and reduce liability and BMI Leisure is focused on reducing the operational impact for recreational park owners so they can focus on delivering fun to their guests,” noted Luke Schueler, CEO of Shock Trampoline. “Our Jump Ringz are the future of guest management for entertainment centers, and this partnership is one more step in that direction.

    The BMI Leisure and Jump Ringz integration smooths operations and helps to save costs by automating tasks that typically occupy personnel, who can then focus on delivering great customer service and keep new guests flowing in. In the near future, locations will be able to couple a guest’s account with the Jump Ringz wristband and use contactless RFID to unify activation. The guests can then add funds, redeem ticketing, and perform cashless payment without needing personnel. The operators will have an unprecedented personal view of each customer.

    Custom LED and Jump Ringz bands will be released to further streamline operations and activity management. VIP Jump Ringz wristbands designed in a variety of styles and features are also in development. Location operators in the United States are currently pilot testing the Jump Ringz integration with BMI Leisure in their trampoline parks. Trampoline park and FEC operators are welcomed to contact BMI Leisure’s sales team at