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Minitube USA

Verona,  WI 
United States

Welcome to Minitube USA!

Minitube USA has been a pioneer in the field of animal reproduction technology, providing expertise and high-quality products to boar studs and sow farms for decades. From our state-of-the-art AndroVision CASA systems to our proven Quick-Tip system, Minitube USA can meet the unique needs of each operation.

With our expansive range of products and services for artificial insemination, embryo transfer and associated biotechniques, we are able to effectively support our customers working in animal breeding, veterinary medicine and research around the globe.

Brands: QuickTip, QuickTip Flexitube, SafeBlue, ClearGlide, Spirette, Androstar, AndroVision, US Bag

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  • QuickTip Semen Bag
    Safer bag technology with easy and fast application; available in various sizes and formats, compatible with all common bag filling and sealing machines....

  • Minitube semen bags are made from an innovative multilayer plastic foil and 100% sperm-safe. It is the first plastic foil used in the production of semen bags which is entirely free from any adhesive.

    Adhesives are often used in multilayer plastic foils to combine non-compatible layers in a foil. However, adhesives are potentially toxic for sperm cells and cases of faulty semen bags have been reported. Adhesives leaching towards the inside of these faulty bags have produced severe fertility problems in the past. Minitube‘s bags are made from an innovative foil where the adhesive has been replaced by a completely sperm friendly layer. 

    Every batch of Minitube semen bags undergoes the Sperm Safe program, and all raw component batches undergo sperm toxicity tests prior to release for production. 

    The proven QuickTip system guarantees an easy and fast application for the AI technician.View the application process here.

    • Tip stays securely closed until AI process
    • Easy to open, easy to connect
    • Tip stays with the bag after opening and will not end up in the manure
    • Suitable for all catheters and insemination techniques
    • Quick, easy, and hygienic insemination

    For a full list of QuickTip Semen Bag options, click here.

  • QT Packer
    Efficient and versatile automatic filling, sealing, and labeling machine for boar semen bags....


    • Low space requirement; fits easily into any lab
    • Components can be installed at flexible distances
    • Can be adapted to egonomic requirements of the operator


    • Fills 1500 bags per hour with a filling accuracy of ± 1ml (twin filling mode)
    • Fully electric design; no need for compressor or pressured air
    • Heat sealing of the filled semen bags
    • Thermo direct printer for labels
    • Robust bag insertion due to Double Track Guidance System; no cutting failures, height adjustment of the roll holder is not necessary
    • Can be connected to Prism 3.9, Prism 10 and IDEE for direct transfer of filling and labeling information


    • Fills 60 and 90 ml QuickTip NT bags for traditional AI and for post cervical AI
    • Twin filling mode for pool processing and single filling mode for single sire ejaculates
    • Filled semen bags can be collected either in the front of the machine bench, underneath the bench, or beside the machine. 
    • Wide range of label designs, including barcode, QR-, PDF417 and Data Matrix-Code and company logos


    • Easy and fast roll change; old and new rolls can be connected in place, it is not necessary to run the complete feeding process for each new roll
    • Quick change system for inserting the tubing and attaching the filling needles; no screws or handles needed
    • Easy to clean; bag drum can be cleaned in a dish washer

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