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ONCE - Animal Lighting

Plymouth,  MN 
United States

Hello! ONCE is the world leader in animal lighting.

At ONCE, we go beyond traditional LEDs by offering solutions designed to simultaneously enhance production and improve animal welfare. Our proprietary technologies are based on decades of proven research that continue to revolutionize agricultural lighting and provide measurable results. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your bio-security programs or improve pre-wean mortality, our BioShift UV-C Chamber and dynamic animal lighting systems are designed with both the animal and farmer in mind.

Brands: Once is a Signify brand. Acquired in May 2019, Signify is the world leader in lighting and new company name of Philips Lighting.

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  • A new and improved 14W AgriShift MLS for Swine
    Designed with a brighter and more durable design, the AgriShift MLS evenly distributes light for both the swine herd and humans caring for them. It features short and tall lens designs and supports bio-security measures of modern swine facilities....

  • •  Natural sunrise simulation reduces stress
    •  13.8W LED equivalent to 125W incandescent
    •  Dim-to-Red technology enhances performance
    •  Dims fully to red, acting as a “Service Light”
    •  Advanced system specialized for Swine
    •  Durable, Built For Your Barn® design
    •  Low-profile, wide beam angle

    The AgriShift MLS is designed with an brighter and more durable design to evenly distribute light for both the swine herd and humans caring for them. It features two designs, a short and tall lens and supports bio-security measures of modern swine facilities. It is suitable for use in sow barns, gestation buildings, nurseries, gilt development units and finishing facilities.

    The modular fixtures features swine-specific Dim-to-Red technology and a Built For Your Barn design. It is easy to install and wet location rated, guaranteeing it will hold up to regular wash downs.

  • Swine-specific AgriShift® MLM-S 10W LED
    The AgriShift MLM-S is a highly efficient, 10W, lighting fixture designed to evenly distribute light for both the swine herd and humans caring for them. The red spectrum used makes it easy to improve productivity and animal welfare....

  • • Advanced system specialized for Swine
    • 10W LED equivalent to 75W incandescent
    • Fully dimmable daylight and nighttime modes
    • Durable, Built For Your Barn design
    • Low-profile, wide beam angle
    • Dim-to-Red technology
    • Energy provider rebates

    The AgriShift MLM-S is suitable for use in sow barns, gestation buildings, nurseries, gilt development units and finishing facilities. It has a modular build, allowing for easy installation with a retrofit solution that helps eliminate constant replacement cycles.

    When completing your lighting system with an AgriShift® Controller and ONCE® recommended lighting schedule you provide animals with a natural sunrise/sunset simulation, reducing stress caused by sudden changes in light. The Dim-to-Red technology fully dims to red, which swine perceive as darkness and allows the light to be used as a “service light” so workers can access the facility without disturbing sleep cycles

  • Improve welfare with AgriShift Controllers
    The AgriShift Control and AgriShift Dim provide full potential to any AgriShift lighting fixture. They offer smooth dimming solutions that can easily be controlled manually with the front panel controls or remotely with a 0-10 VDC control signal....

  • The AgriShift Dim is used alongside the AgriShift Control. Together they offer several advanced features, giving added flexibility, while addressing the complex needs of today’s modern agriculture facilities. 

    Dimming Improves Production - Because animals are sensitive to different light intensities and colors of the light spectrum, performance and health can be improved simply by controlling it. Close attention to photoperiods and elimination of lighting anomalies have been shown to increase production outputs while reducing stress and negative effects on animals, enhancing overall production and animal welfare.

    Light in Commercial Agriculture Facilities - Artificial lighting programs must be applied with a thorough understanding of an animal’s physiological response to light and an incorporation of various characteristics that are sensitive to the way they interact with such lighting programs. ONCE proprietary SIAM Technology applies three key aspects we believe best improves animal welfare and optimizes production through artificial lighting for commercial agricultural facilities:

    1. Spectrum: The whole range of visible light with respect to its wavelength or frequency
    2. Irradiance: The power of electromagnetic radiation per unit area (radiative flux) on a surface
    3. Modulation: Transitioning from one level to another

    When using the AgriShift Control or AgriShift Dim to follow a ONCE  recommended lighting program, you’re providing your animal with smooth dimming and an optimized light spectrum at designated light levels throughout the day/production cycle. Not only are you maximizing your overall return on investment, you’ll also experience reduced mortality, improved feed conversion, faster weight gain, reduced stress and other beneficial welfare and productivity enhancements in your animal.

  • BioShift UV-C Chamber strengthens bio-security
    The BioShift chamber is an eco-friendly tool that uses UV-C light sanitation to inactivate viruses. It is designed to fix key vulnerabilities found on everyday items by eliminating the pathogen’s ability to multiply and spread disease....

  • The BioShift UV-C Chamber is an eco-friendly and cost-effective tool that uses ultraviolet C (UV-C) light santitation to inactivate viruses and other pathogens. The BioShift chamber’s UV-C light fixes key vulnerabilities found on everyday items like cell phones, keyboards and more by eliminating the pathogen’s ability to multiply and spread disease.

    Easy to use - Before entering a bio-secure area, simply place your items into the BioShift chamber through the “street” or dirty side. Then, after exposing the items to UV-C light for a recommended time of five minutes, they can be removed on the “bio-secure” or clean side

    Adaptable design - The BioShift UV-C Chamber is available in a small and large size, with various door configurations. The small chamber is ideal for small-scale use, limiting the import of pathogens through everyday items like cell phones, food, eyeglasses and tools, while the large chamber is great for facilities or entrances with a higher volume of people coming and going every single day.

    How it works - There are two factors that directly influence the effectiveness of UV-C disinfection: time of exposure and UV-C radiance (intensity). Testing by a nationally recognized laboratory specializing in antimicrobial, biocidal and viricidal effectiveness showed that five minutes of exposure to UV-C radiation in the BioShift chamber resulted in the elimination of >99.99% of common viruses and bacteria. In laboratory testing, Signify’s UV-C light sources inactivated 99% of SARSCoV-2 virus on asurface with an exposure time of 6 seconds.

    The table below shows the effectiveness of a typical five-minute exposure in the BioShift chambers and the minimum dose (mJ/cm2) to inactivate 99.99% of a selected group of bacterias and viruses.

    Typical five-minute exposure in the BioShift chamber
    Pathogen Classification  Critical dose at 4-log disinfection (mJ/cm2 ) Chamber effectiveness in 5-min
    Adenovirus type 15


    165 x
    Bacillus anthracis spores - Anthrax spores Bacteria 93 x
    Candid Fungi 92 x
    Clostridium tetani Bacteria 44 x
    Salmonella typhimurium  Bacteria 32 x
    Calicivirus feline Virus 30 x
    PEDV Virus 25 x
    PRRS Virus 23 x
    Influenza Virus 14 x
    Bovine Coronavirus (BCV) Virus 3 x

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