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Osborne Industries, Inc.

Osborne,  KS 
United States

Learn more about how our products can save you time & money!

Founded in 1973, Osborne Industries, Inc., is a 100% employee-owned and 100% American-made company specializing in the development of swine management equipment including:

  • Stanfield heating pads and controls
  • Big Wheel feeders for nursery, wean-to-finish, indoor and outdoor finishing, and lactation feeding
  • ACCU-ARM portable weigh scales for pigs, goats, and sheep
  • AGRI-AIDE ventilation equipment including exhaust and circulation fans, fresh air inlets, wind diverters, and more
  • TEAM electronic sow feeding (ESF) and weighing systems
  • FIRE pig performance testing feeders
  • Weight Watcher automatic growth management and auto-sorting system for large pen finishing

For more information about our products, please visit our website at

Brands: Stanfield Heat Mats, Big Wheel Feeders, ACCU-ARM Weigh Scales, AGRI-AIDE Ventilation, TEAM Electronic Sow Feeding & Weighing Systems, FIRE Pig Performance Testing System, Weight Watcher Auto-Sort Growth Management for Finishing Pigs

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  • Stanfield Heating Mats & Controls
    Provide safe, gentle, and energy-efficient under-body heat to farrowing and nursery pigs with Stanfield Heat Mats....

  • The original under-body, electric animal heater for farrowing and nursery pigs!

    Choose the safest, most reliable heat mat available:

    • Raise healthier animals and larger litters
    • Save energy (and money!) year after year
    • SEE them working with our exclusive Heat Pad Indicator Lights
    • Provide the safest and most uniform under-body heat
    • Get years of trouble free use

    The Stanfield heat mat's ultra-thin, abrasion-resistant fiberglass-reinforced construction, and double-insulated and water-tight heating element makes it the safest and most economical under-body heating mat in the world. With the more electrical safety certifications than any other brand, trust the Stanfield design for heating for your most valuable animals.

  • Big Wheel Pig Feeders
    Eliminate wasted feed with patented mechanical-flow feed delivery and Osborne's Big Wheel Feeders!...

  • Virtually eliminate waste
    Mechanical-flow design means pigs' interaction with the feeder - not gravity - determines feed flow.

    Earn a 100% ROI - often in less than one year!
    Substantial savings in feed waste provides a fantastic return on investment, often in less than a year. Then, enjoy savings year after year!

    Improve feed conversion
    Use feed for actual animal growth instead of wasted in the pit. 360-degree access provides more standing room, better consumption, and less competition.

    Eliminate constant feeder adjustments
    The signature "set it and forget it" adjustment eliminates constant adjustments required with traditional rectangular feeders.

    Built to last
    Abrasion and corrosion-resistant fiberglass-reinforced composite hoppers and troughs and heavy steel (available in galvanized/zinc plated or stainless steel) are built to last decades, even with daily abuse from animals.

    Flexibility in use
    Models for nursery, wean-to-finish, indoor or outdoor finishing, and even single-space lactation feeders are available. Use in a fenceline or center of a pen and with virtually any type of feed.

    Learn more about Big Wheel feeders here.

  • Weight Watcher Auto-Sort System
    Monitor the growth of large-pen finishing groups, cut time to market, and accurately predict and sort pigs for loading with the original sorting system, Weight Watcher....

  • Much more than just a simple auto-sort scale, the Weight Watcher system uses the natural flow of pigs to feed and water to weigh and sort each animal as it passes through an automated scale. With Weight Watcher, you feed pigs based on their actual weight and produce more uniform loads.

    Sort pigs into groups to feed separate rations based on their weights and automatically sort and pen pigs ready for market:

    • Target diets to pigs that need them. Use a high-performance feed for "lightweights" to accelerate gain and cut time to market and feed "heavyweights" to maximize return on gain.
    • Match your packer's matrix to cut market sort loss and stop selling overweight pigs.
    • Turn barns faster and market more pounds of pork.
    • Reduce loading labor and stress.

    Learn more about the Osborne Survey Scale and how converting your finishing barn to Weight Watcher can save you time and money!

  • AGRI-AIDE Ventilation Equipment
    From peak to pit - trust Osborne's AGRI-AIDE ventilation equipment to create comfortable, productive livestock environments....

  • Whatever livestock you manage, fresh air is vital to the health of your animals, your staff, and the financial health of you business. Osborne's staff of ventilation engineers can deliver an integrated combination of exhaust fans, fresh air inlets, circulation fans, and automatic controls to perfectly match your building.

    Research with our air movement laboratory, our Demonstration Farm field tests, and our collaboration with leading universities have enabled us to harness state-of-the-art technology and offer you an efficient combination of ventilation components. Let us show you how we can simultaneously improve the air quality in your buildings and reduce your operating costs with products like:

    Contact us for more information on our ventilation products.

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